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[22 Jan 2014|10:29am]
[info]anthologies - is a, American Horror Story inspired panfandom game. Our first cycle, Welcome to Meadowbrook is now open!
The Meadowbrook Academy campus is located in a picturesque little pocket of Watertown, New York. Founded in 1930, the school was originally a college preparatory school for boys. In the late 60s, they opened their doors to girls, but don't tell that to the folks who haunt the place. It's a running joke at Meadowbrook, one that was thought to have been started by a few upperclassmen looking to give a few girls a scare. It's an old campus. There are creaks and photos tend to fall off the wall from time to time. It's part of the charms of Meadowbrook, right?

No one has given much thought to the stories until last spring. One of Meadowbrook's seniors was found dead in his room at the end of the term. The official report called it a suicide, but there was something a little fishy about it.

There are students around Meadowbrook that seem to be a fixture in the place. No one sees them off campus, and it's as if they've been there forever. It's almost as if most people are oblivious to them. It's like they can choose who sees them.
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