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[17 Jan 2014|12:09am]
Us Against Them

The Game
Us Against Them is a Multi Fandom post apocalyptic RPG. Your characters will have an extremely large area to roam around in, giving them more freedom for whatever plotting you wish, and game plots will be frequent and filled with danger, excitement, and the potential for character development. The purpose of this game is to give your characters as much freedom as an RPG can allow, including location, survival techniques, battles, and even the option of death and regeneration, along with the possibility of updating your character's canon point any time you want. The game takes place in the United States and is an open sandbox, giving you the freedom to expand your characters horizons beyond the limits of any city.

What We're Looking For
We're looking for laid back experienced RP players and any characters they can throw at us, including heroes, villains, and everyone in between. Plots will be suitable for all kinds, and if you're looking for something with a good balance of drama, fun, angst, love, battles and friendships, this is the place for you! We're looking for characters from American Horror Story, Marvel, Star Trek, and many more. We are now open So apply now!
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[17 Jan 2014|10:16am]
[info]anthologies - is a, American Horror Story inspired panfandom game. Our first cycle, Welcome to Meadowbrook is now open!
The Meadowbrook Academy campus is located in a picturesque little pocket of Watertown, New York. Founded in 1930, the school was originally a college preparatory school for boys. In the late 60s, they opened their doors to girls, but don't tell that to the folks who haunt the place. It's a running joke at Meadowbrook, one that was thought to have been started by a few upperclassmen looking to give a few girls a scare. It's an old campus. There are creaks and photos tend to fall off the wall from time to time. It's part of the charms of Meadowbrook, right?

No one has given much thought to the stories until last spring. One of Meadowbrook's seniors was found dead in his room at the end of the term. The official report called it a suicide, but there was something a little fishy about it.

There are students around Meadowbrook that seem to be a fixture in the place. No one sees them off campus, and it's as if they've been there forever. It's almost as if most people are oblivious to them. It's like they can choose who sees them.
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The Southern Crossing [17 Jan 2014|03:53pm]
Premise Rules Holds App

The Southern Crossing

Every world has a rift. Every individual has a moment when they are on the edge of that rift, at the doorway to another world. It all depends what you're thinking when it opens. "I'm going home!" or "Glad to be getting out of here!" or even simply "Got to go and..." ...and in the blink of an eye you have gone through the rift. But where to?

The Southern Crossing Archipelago is a group of islands that exists somewhere beneath the Southern Cross. Inhabited only by those who have been drawn through the rift, the islands appear to have been inhabited before, but there is no clue as to what happened to those previous residents. Or at least none that's been discovered, or obvious. Did a paradox inside the paradox cause the rift to reopen and take everyone home? Or is something more sinister responsible for their disappearance. There is much to be discovered!

The Southern Crossing RPG is a panfandom, OC-friendly game that is all about your muse/pup/character, writing, exploring character development, plots, plot arcs, and having fun with it! It's a game where all are able to be involved in helping discover the secrets of the Southern Cross archipelago, and have some fun along the way. We welcome plot ideas and suggestions, and give you the opportunity to develop and grow, even canon-update the pups you write (or scribe for!) plus so much more. Drop by and take a look to see if the rift could be opening a door somewhere near you!

The game rating is R+, therefore welcomes applications from players of mature nature, and at least 18yrs of age.

Cast FAQ Scenes Comms
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[17 Jan 2014|11:32pm]
My kingdom for a Logan Echolls at [info]zombiesmod
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