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[22 Dec 2008|02:50pm]
Burnt Toast Diner
A Multi-fandom roleplay.

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“We all imagine ourselves the agents of our destiny, capable of determining our own fate. But have we truly any choice in when we rise? Or when we fall? Or does a force larger than ourselves bid us our direction? Is it evolution that takes us by the hand? Does science point our way? Or is it God who intervenes, keeping us safe?” – Mohinder Suresh {1.02, don’t look back.}

Welcome to Mayberry USA.You've been here before.

Whats that?You've never heard of mayberry?Well thats just fine and dandy,your here now so cool your heels,take a load off and relax.Dont bother trying to leave,you cant.Your ours now.

Mayberry has everthing you need,theres a town library thats pretty diverse,we even have a brand new state of the art college,amoung other things.Yes sir mayberry is the place to be.

Why are you here?Oh thats easy.You see the gods have grown bored,being ignored and all,so they've set up this entire town,a social experiment one might say.Once your here,you cant leave.Ever.Dont worry though,they've also set up plenty to do,wether its attending the local school and adding a little flavor to our small town,or going to the sockhop with your best gal.

There thing however.I wouldnt advise going at out night.You see theres monsters that come out during that time.No one knows what they are or where they've come from,but if your caught by one,well you may never be seen again,or who knows you may get lucky and they'll just let you go.I wouldnt advise trying to hurt them though,they get real angry about that.

What was I saying?Oh yes,once your here,you can never leave,no matter how hard you beg,aint that a kicker?

Welcome to mayberry.

Your gonna love it here.

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