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[19 Dec 2008|02:46pm]
This is a Suikoden Multi-Fandom Game for video games, books and comics that have some sort of fantasy or magical element.

[info]millionworlds [info]runescrolls [info]mwooc
The Premise

The Second Fire Bringer War has just come to an end. Led by Hugo of Karaya, the troops marched to victory against Luc, a clone of Hikusaak who was a vessel of the True Wind Rune. He, along with Sarah perished in the ruins, as proper punishment for the deeds they committed in only a few short years ago. As the celebrations were wrapping up and people returning to their homelands, it is wise to focus in on one individual: Viki. Being notorious for disappearing at war celebrations, it was a wonder nobody watched her as she sneezed and disappeared. But something different happened this time.

Through her magic, Viki opened a gate to the World of a Million Worlds, which then deposited all people passing through into various nations of her own world. The question is: how long will it be before the rift closes?

Behind hidden doors, Gustav Pendragon made a secret treaty with Harmonia in an effort to invade Grasslands for a second time with the help of Albert Silverberg. This was made with the idea that Tinto would gain land and Harmonia could grab whatever True Runes existed and with all these new circumstances and the rift, will it work out or fold under?

**Please note: Although [info]millionworlds is a multi-fandom RPG set in the Suikoden-verse, knowledge of the series isn't required!**

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