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[29 Oct 2008|12:48am]
The Marked
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What makes a person good? What makes them evil? Is it their actions, or do ends justify means? Is it something that is at the core of every person? Are you born one way or the other? Is there truly a right and wrong side to every thing? What even defines "good" or "evil"? Is it inherent or is it something forced upon us? Perhaps it is simply the sum of everything we're faced with.

What side would you find yourself on if everything you'd ever known was stripped away? What happens when your world has been reset and all you have are your memories of the life you've been taken from? What if you discovered you were just a pawn in some bigger player's game? Would you change? Would you join forces with a serial killer or turn your back on a hero to get to the bottom of a problem bigger than you? Or would you do nothing at all?

The Marked is a multi-fandom game, meaning almost all fandoms are welcomed here whether they're books, movies, or television series. Unlike most of the multi-fandom games around here, we endorse canon portrayals of your favorite characters and we also provide a working plot for you and your characters to participate in.
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[29 Oct 2008|05:39pm]
Kingdom of Regaling
Regaling is a cursed kingdom. Inside, there are castles towering to the sky, enchanted forests, and a host of magical creatures, but despite all of that, the kingdom is still cursed. Not just the kingdom as a whole; every single inhabitant of Regaling is born with their own curse. Some are meant to be broken, others will remain unbreakable. Regaling is one giant fairy tale. Your character will be the hero of their story, a victim in another, a love interest in the next, and maybe a villain in all the rest.

Regaling is an AU multi-fandom, ani-manga, book/movie, and video game role play with a heavy importance on character development and humor with hi-jinks!!1! versus a complicated plot. The game is set up in a loose way in the hopes that characters will be able to make the game develop without having very much set in stone. It is designed in the form of a kingdom of fairy tales, with each character assuming a role in their own story and inevitably affecting the other stories around them. The Kingdom of Regaling itself is under a curse that includes curse days, during which the majority of Regaling's inhabitants will suffer from the same basic curse (though on some curse days, players can choose if they want their characters to participate or not). It could, for example, be a day when everyone switches curses, or maybe forgets about the person they hold the most important to them. However, on the normal days (and I'm using "normal" lightly here~) each character must live with their own curse. As part of Regaling's curse, each person who enters the Kingdom of Regaling, be it by birth or travel, will have a curse placed upon them. The curse is theirs alone and, if they are lucky enough, they will find a way to break it...

× We're looking for more characters and there are plenty to be taken. :]~ Though each character has to have a PB, which the mod can help with choosing one for you if you'd like. That includes curses if you have trouble deciding on one for your character/s.

If you have any questions, just e-mail me at

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[29 Oct 2008|09:02pm]

Chosen Forces

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The battle between Good and Evil has been going on since the beginning of time. The forces of Good and Evil have fought on many worlds but so far neither side has been victorious.

Good and Evil have decided that things are taking far too long. They are getting impatient. To speed things up they decided to create a new world; a world in which the everlasting war will finally be decided.

Both sides will chose their soldiers from different worlds and bring them to this new world to join the final battle.

Characters from different fandoms are taken out of their usual surroundings and brought to the newly created world. Which side will they be on? And how will they cope with their new fate?

Will Good triumph over Evil?

We are a brand new rpg that has just started. This is your chance to be there from the beginning!

[info]chosen_forces is a fantasy/sci-fi multi-fandom RPG

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