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[19 Oct 2008|01:11pm]
The Marked
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What makes a person good? What makes them evil? Is it their actions, or do ends justify means? Is it something that is at the core of every person? Are you born one way or the other? Is there truly a right and wrong side to every thing? What even defines "good" or "evil"? Is it inherent or is it something forced upon us? Perhaps it is simply the sum of everything we're faced with.

What side would you find yourself on if everything you'd ever known was stripped away? What happens when your world has been reset and all you have are your memories of the life you've been taken from? What if you discovered you were just a pawn in some bigger player's game? Would you change? Would you join forces with a serial killer or turn your back on a hero to get to the bottom of a problem bigger than you? Or would you do nothing at all?

The Marked is a multi-fandom game, meaning almost all fandoms are welcomed here whether they're books, movies, or television series. Unlike most of the multi-fandom games around here, we endorse canon portrayals of your favorite characters and we also provide a working plot for you and your characters to participate in.
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