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[05 Oct 2008|12:12pm]

About the RP
There is a building in the center of a never-ending city where time and death no longer matter. A building that will provide its residents with almost anything they ever ask for. A building that requires and all together unusual payment in return for said serviced: the occasional emotional or physical torment of some (or all) of its inhabitants. The form of this torment? Well, you can't expect such a lavish life to come free, now can you? The Building, or at least, its oldest residents have taken a liking to cursing its residents.

The never-ending city has no real name other than what the citizens have named it, the streets are never labeled, and time seems to move at a fraction of a second. The civilians are less than informative; if you ask for an explanation from any of them, it is likely they'll stare at you with a look that suggests that you had just asked them to explain the mental and physical effects of deep space and zero gravity on the common platypus. They're not here to help you. Well, at least not in the ways you want them to.

Welcome to Clockwork and get comfortable; you're not leaving.
Clockwork is a multi-fandom RPG that takes place at InsaneJournal. Here there are rare rules that take effect and almost anything goes. We love crack, and drama never runs low. We do ask you keep it to a minimum though; we're all here for the fun, not for stress or upset emotions. As it is basically an 'Alternate Universe', it is possible for your character to get taken here at any point during their fandom.

Here, there is no real balance between good and evil (peace and chaos, if you prefer) and so many strange things can happen, and weird people have been known to pop up all over the place without warning. New residents are arriving every day, whether you see them or not.

Here at Clockwork, we try to keep as in-character as possible. Character and plot development is amazing, we love it; abuse it!

Keep in mind this RP includes Hetero/Yaoi/Yuri as well as other mature themes. Our most common ratings range from PG-13 to NC-17.



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[05 Oct 2008|10:56pm]
Good morning! Welcome to Within the Gates. We hope you like it here because you are never ever leaving. It's not all bad though, you can find everything you need here! Oh, you wanted freedom? That's so cute.

It's actually really simple. You go to sleep in your nice comfy bed at home and then you wake up here, in our little hamlet of sorts. You wake up in a townhouse with 3 other people, some you may know and others you may not. Each and every single person is provided with a laptop computer with unlimited battery life, and a cellular phone with the same. You can communicate with anyone in the community, but don't bother trying to reach the outside world, it would be a waste of time.

Don't frown though, you're getting new neighbors all the time! In the community, you'll find some little mom and pop type stores for your shopping conveniences, but don't look for Starbucks or McDonald's because you won't be finding them here.

You probably want to know what you have here, don't you? Well, there are three Olympic size swimming pools, a tennis court, a basketball court, several nice little courtyards, gardens, a small forest (really just a group of trees) , and a park with a pond. Sometimes things might appear that were not there before, and if the community seems to be growing to accommodate more people, that's because it is.

Within the gates you are free to go anywhere you choose, but there is no way to get outside the gates, so don't be wasting your time on that. You will always just end up back in your room and that will get tiring after awhile, won't it?

Enjoy your stay!

See [info]gatesmods for more details.
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