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[19 Sep 2008|09:19pm]
The Premise

A year has passed since Aslan sent the Pevensies back to their world with the knowledge that Susan and Peter would never be returning. They have sunk back into the daily hustle and bustle of their lives before Narnia. The last traces of their hope to return slowly dwindle off to nothing.

Then one night Lucy wakes up with a revived sense of excitement; one of her dreams has led her on a magical adventure through Narnia once more, with all her siblings in tow. As she gathers her brothers and sister around her she learns she is not the only one to have this sort of dream. However, each Pevensie saw not only the beautiful world of Narnia in their slumber, but strange and troubling things that they don't understand the meaning of.

These dreams continue, becoming more and more frequent, and more and more troubling. After many nights of this the Pevensies wake up, not in their beds, but on the soft, mossy ground of Narnia's woodland. It is something they scarcely dare to believe at first, wandering the terrain until the find their way to the castle of King Caspian X. For reasons unbeknownst to them it seems Narnian time has for once been running alongside their own.

They are quick to discover that the strange occurrences they've been seeing in the form of dreams are in fact happening across the land. People from lands never heard of before seem to be pouring into Narnia at an alarming rate. No one can explain why this happening and Aslan is nowhere to be found. A strange power is stirring deep at the heart of Narnia and it is now up to the Kings and Queens of old to unravel this unsettling mystery.

It is up to the new arrivals to choose how to react to their own paths. To help or hinder the progress of the rulers? To choose to ignore the upcoming storm or join an army? The decision is theirs alone to make.


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