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[14 Jul 2008|09:18am]

Wanna be a superhero?

The premise// Taken and held// Rules// Application
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[14 Jul 2008|02:19pm]
The Premise

A year has passed since Aslan sent the Pevensies back to their world with the knowledge that Susan and Peter would never be returning. They have sunk back into the daily hustle and bustle of their lives before Narnia. The last traces of their hope to return slowly dwindle off to nothing.

Then one night Lucy wakes up with a revived sense of excitement. In her dreams have led her on a magical adventure through Narnia once more, with all her siblings in tow. As she gathers her brothers and sister around her she learns she is not the only one to have this sort of dream. However, each Pevensie saw not only the beautiful world of Narnia in their slumber, but strange and troubling things that they don't understand the meaning of.

These dreams continue, becoming more and more frequent, and more and more troubling. After many nights of this the Pevensies wake up, not in their beds, but on the soft, mossy ground of Narnia's woodland. It is something they scarcely dare to believe at first, wandering the terrain until the find their way to the castle of Prince Caspian X. For reasons unbeknownst to them it seems Narnian time has for once been running alongside their own.

They are quick to discover that the strange occurrences they've been seeing in the form of dreams are in fact happening across the land. People from lands never heard of before seem to be pouring into Narnia at an alarming rate. No one can explaining why this happening, and Aslan is nowhere to be found. A strange power is stirring deep at the heart of Narnia and it is now up to the Kings and Queens of old to unravel this unsettling mystery.

It is up to the new arrivals to choose how to react to their own paths. To help or hinder the progress of the rulers? To choose to ignore the upcoming storm or join an army? The decision is theirs alone to make.

The Communities

[info]thenarnians - Main Community. Used for journal entries. Please tag all your entries with the name of your character. If you don't, a mod will do it, but it's less work for us if you do it yourself :(
[info]narnianooc - Out of Character Community. Any introductions of yourself, hiatus notes for the rest of the players to see, or just general out of characters notes will go here. You can join it with either your character or your personal journal, depending on which you are more comfortable with.
[info]narnianlogs - Logging and Threads. All of the interaction done that isn't dictated in the journals will be done through here.


Taken Characters - Any characters that are in the community already will be listed here. Check this list before applying.
Frequently Asked Questions - Any questions that you may have will likely be answered here. If they are not, please post a question to this post. Check this list before applying.
Reserved Characters - Characters that are on hold for application. Check this list before applying.
Requested Characters - Characters wanted by other players in the community.
Application - Apply for a character here.

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[14 Jul 2008|06:30pm]


had i known
Almost a century ago, there was a state of mutual harmonious calmth among what we mortals would call heaven and hell; angels, creatures as beautiful as their name, had the simple task of reincarnating the souls (the disembodied spirit of a deceased person) that were brought to them if they were pure, while demons, creatures as vicious as the Bible states, dealt with the ones that didn't deserve to be brought back to the human plane. Everything was serene, the angels and demons cooperated when they had to, remaining civil with each other and even becoming what we would call friends.

But no one foresaw what would have happened next; some fell in love, others wanted to feel loved and then there were some that didn't know why, but angels fell from grace as demons broke their only rule and both species, both superior races, crossed boundaries. Angels and demons mated, and conceived. This resulted into half-breeds, or better named, hybrids. Upon closer inspection, they seemingly lacked the electrokinesis abilities the angels held and the pyrokinesis trait the demons possesed and were therefor, considered outcasts.

It took years for the decision to come, but the Higher Beings of heaven and hell came upon the mutual decision to send these ungodlike, unstable creatures to the beautiful planet of blue and green colours, Earth. Their souls were banished from the two planes of heaven and hell, left to fend after themselves in the human plane without the knowledge of knowing who they were before, as they were reborn as children and grew up in different households.

But then the unexpected happened. Not wanting to lose sight of the hybrids, the Higher Beings of heaven and hell watched over them, saw how they grew, fell in love, experienced heartache just like humans would. Yet, there was something different about them, something that seperated them from being normal, something that could be put to great use; all of the hybrids showed signs of having gifts, different from the one angels and demons held, such as telekenesis, glamouring or cloning. These gifts were so different that the treaty between heaven and hell was broken for both planes wanted one thing; to bring the hybrids back.

With or without using force.

(but who says they want to go back?)

Both angels and demons were send to Earth, disguised as mere mortals, in search of these hybrids that were casted out so many years ago; hybrids that are happy right where they are. Not to mention that being back on the planet where they, the angels and demons, once lived on was bringing back memories that were long forgotton.

It's 2008 and if you thought your life was hard, it's about to get a hell of a lot harder. Kindly shove both of the twentieth century World Wars, the Vietnam War, and today's war in Iraq, to the back of your mind, because they might as well have never happened. The war between the three dimensions of existence is only just beginning, and the toll is already greater than you can imagine.

They say you don't truly appreciate something until it's gone.

(friendship, power, freedom, love)

Heaven and hell found this out the hard way.

how to save a life

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[14 Jul 2008|11:57pm]

Regaling is a cursed kingdom. Inside, there are castles towering to the sky, enchanted forests, and a host of magical creatures, but despite all of that, the kingdom is still cursed. Not just the kingdom as a whole; every single inhabitant of Regaling is born with their own curse. Some are meant to be broken, others will remain unbreakable.
Regaling is one giant fairy tale. Your character will be the hero of their story, a victim in another, a love interest in the next, and maybe a villain in all the rest.

Regaling is an AU multifandom animanga, book/movie, and video game role-play with a heavy importance on character development and humor with hi-jinks!!1! versus a complicated plot. The game is set up in a loose way in the hopes that characters will be able to make the game develop without having very much set in stone. It is designed in the form of a kingdom of fairy tales, with each character assuming a role in their own story and inevitably affecting the other stories around them. The Kingdom of Regaling itself is under a curse that includes curse days, during which the majority of Regaling's inhabitants will suffer from the same basic curse. It could, for example, be a day when everyone switches curses, or maybe forgets about the person they hold the most important to them. However, on the normal days (and I'm using "normal" lightly here~) each character must live with their own curse. As part of Regaling's curse, each person who enters the Kingdom of Regaling, be it by birth or travel, will have a curse placed upon them. The curse is theirs alone and, if they are lucky enough, they will find a way to break it...

The game is going to re-open sometime within the next two weeks and there are a lot of characters to be taken. If you have any extra questions please email me at ♥

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