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House of Mystery - A multi-fandom RPG/writing community [11 Jun 2008|10:09pm]

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"Come on in. The first drink's free."

The house materializes out of the fog, a haven for the weary traveler in need of a hot meal and a stiff drink. Stay as long as you like, and don't worry if your wallet's empty. Your money's no good here. What we really want from you is a story.

The House of Mystery is a pan-fandom RPG/writing prompt community based on the Vertigo comic book title of the same name. The house exists in all places and in all realities. Characters arrive at the house without knowledge of why they are there. Only the staff remain fixed within the house and can't leave. All other characters are free to come and go between their worlds as they wish. Although, it should be said that sometimes the house could grow fond of certain individuals and their stories, and these people might not be permitted to leave.

Now open! New adds every Saturday. Currently seeking characters from all fictional canons to help populate the bar.
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