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Multi-Fandom RPG In Need of Characters [23 May 2008|01:59pm]

There are no lost causes when it comes to souls.

You are one of two people. The Good or the Bad. On board the barge, you are the Warden, or you are the Inmate.

The Inmate was a villain. He or she might hail from any timeline, any book, any film, any comic or cartoon. Following their death, they appear here, on the Barge, where they travel between worlds, learn and experience, and eventually earn the right to be restored to life.

The Warden is a guide, a protector, a teacher. He or she exists in an advisory capacity, given fantastic tools with which to aid their assigned Inmate. The payment for their services aboard the Barge can be as fantastic as having a loved one returned to life or simply the chance to do real good.

Their Destinations? Anywhere. Whether it's a stop in the Caribbean High Seas, the xenomorph-infested colony of LV-4, or the foggy, ash-raining borders of Silent Hill -- the Barge can take you there, and it's your job to survive.

Where does your river lead? )

The Last Voyages is a Multi-Universe/Multiple-Fandom Roleplaying Game with mildly adult themes. Players under the age of 18 are not encouraged to join.

Applications are Currently Open.
Playing has begun. Storyline officially begins June 1.

How To Play
FAQ - The Barge Explained
Taken Characters
Character Reservations
Character Applications

The Last Voyages

For more information, you may also contact Magdaleina on AIM via the name SchmooeyFoo, or by email, at weirdophreak17 at yahoo dot com.
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