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On Livejournal [11 May 2008|01:28am]
{ Croatoan. }
A brand new multifandom game set in a small Canadian town in Ontario,
called Sioux Lookout. Any fandom is accepted, just so long as the fandom is of the horror, thriller, action, fantasy genre. Inspired by the episode from Supernatural. Very similar to that episode, with the twist of being captured and put in a town full of dangerous creatures.
{ Storyline. }
Remember that old John White story from the 1500's? Same concept, except that you awaken alone, confused and unknown to your whereabouts. There is barely anybody in the town, but the people that you do find... are violent killers. Ghosts, demons, vampires,
spirits, murderers and hunters are out there. A virus has crawled its way into the
town, and the only way to stay unaffected, is to keep the infected blood
from your own, or you'll become one of the violent.

Are you the hunter or the hunted?

{ Info } { Regulations } { Apply } { Taken/Held }

Game opening @ 13 Members
Kaden ~ OnDeadRadio
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Reapercussions: A Multifandom RP Seeking Dead and Alive Characters [11 May 2008|05:58pm]

It's not so bad... being dead like me.

Welcome to San Revereld. It's your average city with people hustling and bustling around, people rushing to their homes and their jobs, carrying on with their lives. You used to be like them, remember? You used to be happy, alive, and well.

Unfortunately for you, you're dead. Oh come on, it's not that bad. But I bet you're wondering why you're still in the city, aren't you? Well see, here's the thing. You're dead...but you haven't exactly passed on to the afterlife. No, no, it's okay! We have a job for you.

As an undead like myself, you're being recruited to be a grim reaper and collect souls. It's your job to find the souls we assign you to and remove them from their bodies before their estimated time of death. Otherwise, they’re just going to rot and waste. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. There are rules on this job. Rules, regulations, and a shitload of changes you’re going to have thrown at you. But I'll explain those later, we have to get going. The others are waiting for us.

Reapercussions | Reapercussions OOC Community | Mod Journal

FAQ/Rules | Taken Characters | Requested Characters | Application

Reference Video

Reapercussions is a multifandom AU game at Insanejournal. We are looking for characters from anime, manga, and video games, both alive and undead. We want a good balance of both kinds of people! The game is just getting started so we have a myriad of characters available! Friendly mods and active players. We have no age limit but there will be mature themes such as violence, homosexuality, and of course death. We feel that as long as a player feels they can handle such issues, there is no issue.

If interested, go ahead and check us out! Contact one of the mods for more information.
Ty-Livejournal-cosmic_rockstar, AIM-ShoeboxTyorama,
Yami-Livejournal-murdoc, AIM-villains vale,
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