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[10 May 2008|04:25pm]

As it is known to mankind now when death grips a lifeform they perish and are sent into the earth where they will reincarnate into something beautiful and provide the world with the always looping circles of life and death. But, what if those always interlocking circles were bent and broken apart leaving the Valley of the Light forever separated from the Land of the Dead never to continue on the chain reactions of life, death and reincarnation. However this does leave the question: Where does one go when they die if these linked circles are torn apart? A question that has a solution only known to those who have passed on to see their new land.

Enter the Netherworld.

A sub-world once connected to the state of the living, the Netherworld is an area with many realms all connected to each other by strange portals. Although the Netherworld in itself is mostly a neutral land, there are certain realms that seem to be more of a threat than the others. It is true that to be in this world one must be dead and therefore shouldn't have the need for fear of any things that could be even remotely ominous - but with death comes fear and with fear comes pain. Dead one might be, food you may not need but even in the Netherworld blood and pain are as real as the living.

There are four different realms joined together in the Netherworld, each one with their own creatures native to its grounds - it is up to those in the realms to decided for themselves which creatures are friend and which are foe. Judge not by their looks entirely for such things can be deceiving. Shelter can be found if you look hard enough in areas such as caves, and holes. They can even be built if one is creative enough to try. Food and drink are not necessities in the Netherworld as there is no hunger to be felt. There is only one large difference between the living and the dead carried into the Netherworld - the dead have no hearts. The similarities are as simple as if one is cut they will bleed and feel pain. Cold and warm tempuratures have effects on the dead although it is minor. Injuries sustained in death are carried over into the Netherworld as permanent scars.

There is but one rule to the land that allows you to pass through realms so freely: the dead cannot visit the land of the living under any circumstances. The living may, however, visit the dead. Perhaps - if one is lucky enough to be called by the living for a meeting, that is.


Netherworld and its moderators accept no responsibility for actions taken by the reader. All mature content has been cut and rated. All characters, storylines, and personalities are fictional and no profit is being made by the players or moderators. All characters, series, and artwork belong to their respective owners. The game itself is based off of the playstation3 video game Folklore, everything that is related to it is credited to them and SCEA. The images used in description for the creatures living in the different realms are taken from FFXI which is also credited to SCEA.

&joining and other information;
The taken characters list is (here). The application list is (here).
The requested characters list is (here). The realms list is (here).
The Friend-Add command is (here). The FAQs is (here).

All HOLDS are requested in the comments at the Application.
Please read the FAQ before applying.

[info]netherworld . [info]netherworldooc . [info]netherworldmod


AIM; lkenie
EMAIL; dessaie[at]hotmail[dot]com OR mjelsasser[at]cabbit-kitten[dot]com
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Last Voyages - Newly Opened RPG [10 May 2008|07:34pm]

There are no lost causes when it comes to souls.

Are the infinite merciful, or merely bored?

To the life that is squandered, lived in wickedness and vice, the end is a time of repentance for those that fear their demise, or a time of stubborn silence, for those that feel justified or lost. It may rush in sudden, and claim what is taken for granted. It may tear their very being asunder.

No warnings
No second chances

Until now.

Where does your river lead? )

The Last Voyages is a Multi-Universe/Multiple-Fandom Roleplaying Game on LiveJournal with mildly adult themes. Players under the age of 18 are not encouraged to join.

Applications are Currently Open.
Playing officially begins June 1.

How To Play
FAQ - The Barge Explained
Taken Characters
Character Reservations
Character Applications

Click here to view the full profile for The Last Voyages.

For more information, you may also contact Magdaleina on AIM under the name "SchmooeyFoo" or via email at weirdophreak17 at yahoo dot com.
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