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Multifandom Atlantis Game [08 Mar 2008|03:28pm]

Welcome to Lost City Found, a multifandom RPG set within Stargate's Lost City of Atlantis, deep in the Pegasus Galaxy. From inside this massive, abandoned alien city, an international expedition comprised of Earth's best and brightest seeks out new technology to defend their world, explores new planets, encounters alien civilizations and struggles to stave off the looming threat of the sinister Wraith.

Players are invited to introduce both original and canon characters into the chaotic world of Stargate Atlantis - perhaps as personnel recruited into the Atlantis expedition, perhaps as strangers who stumbled upon the city entirely by accident (intergalactic portals, freak AU mirrors, it's all basically canon by this point) - and join in the fight to save Earth from destruction... give or take a little crack along the way.

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New Stargate Based RPG on LiveJournal [08 Mar 2008|05:41pm]
The Lifeboat, a panfandom RPG hosted at LJ.

The Lifeboat is a post-apocalyptic panfandom game based in the Stargate universe.
Twelve months ago, the world as you know it changed. The Stargate Program went public and the population of the world learned that aliens were real and that the earth had been in contact with them.

Eleven months ago, unknown to the public, a devastating threat hung over the earth. Secret lifeboat colonies were created and those lucky enough to be chosen migrated to these safe sites via the stargate.

Seven months ago, an unknown hostile alien species destroyed the earth's sun, and earth as you knew it was gone.
You are part of the remnant of earth's population, surviving and rebuilding at the lifeboat colony named Gamma Site. Though earth is gone, there is a stargate at your disposal and thousands of unexplored worlds at your fingertips.
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The Life Raft: Out of Character Community




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The Lifeboat [info]the_lifeboat

Now Accepting Applications
Game Start Date: March 15, 2008
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