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Tags for [info]multi_fandom [27 Feb 2008|09:38am]
This is just a post to establish the tags in this community. Using these tags is a must!
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Multi-fandom RPG [27 Feb 2008|09:49am]

“It's the beginning of the end I don't know where we lost control.
It's the beginning of the end and I know that I am all alone.”

- Spineshank Beginning of the end

A city lies behind a great wall, seemingly empty but this isn’t any ordinary city. It is Ash Valley, a city owned by the Umbrella Corporation and used for experimentation. It resembles Raccoon city in structure but unlike Raccoon city, Ash Valley is unpopulated…at the moment. This soon changes as the Umbrella Corporation begins their most complex experiment. With their most advanced technology and highly trained agents, the corporation begins rounding up people to begin their experimentations. Some of these people are your average every day Joes, some of them are supernatural creatures, some of them aren’t even from this time or this world. They are all gathered together and left in Ash Valley. Why? So that the Umbrella Corporation can observe and experiment on them but these test subjects aren’t alone. Bodies infected with the T-virus have also been placed in the city.


Here are the facts:
Stuff you need to know for the game

+The Umbrella Corporation has brought you to a city called Ash Valley using various means. You might not remember the exact who and how but what you do remember is a group of agents dressed in black capturing you and injected a red liquid into your arm, knocking you out. When you wake up you find yourself in the center of the city.

+Ash Valley appears deserted at first but you’ll quickly learn that there are others in the city much like yourself, kidnapped and dropped here without any reason. These people will be from all walks of life and from various times and places in history. Some of them are heroes, some of them are killers, and some of them are just confused.

+There are other creatures within Ash Valley as well. These are Zombies. There are not a huge number of them but there’s enough to cause trouble.

+ Throughout your stay in Ash Valley the Umbrella Corporation will be experimenting on you and generally fucking with you…all in the name of science of course.

+Your goal? To stay alive as long as possible but the city is dangerous and the people around even more so. You cannot trust anything or anyone here so thread lightly.


Just so we’re clear:

This is a horror game that is loosely based on the first and second Resident Evil movies. It does not follow Resident Evil cannon exactly and it doesn’t have any ties to the video games.

This is a multi-fandom game so characters from almost any genre and fandom are allowed. There are a few fandoms that are not allowed in this game and they are:
Harry Potter


Sound interesting? Want to know more? Check out the following links.

Taken/Wanted/Reserved Characters
Player Contact List **Friends locked
Contact the Mod

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Multifandom Atlantis Game [27 Feb 2008|01:44pm]

Welcome to Lost City Found, a multifandom RPG set within Stargate's Lost City of Atlantis, deep in the Pegasus Galaxy. From inside this massive, abandoned alien city, an international expedition comprised of Earth's best and brightest seeks out new technology to defend their world, explores new planets, encounters alien civilizations and struggles to stave off the looming threat of the sinister Wraith.

Players are invited to introduce both original and canon characters into the chaotic world of Stargate Atlantis - perhaps as personnel recruited into the Atlantis expedition, perhaps as strangers who stumbled upon the city entirely by accident (intergalactic portals, freak AU mirrors, it's all basically canon by this point) - and join in the fight to save Earth from destruction... give or take a little crack along the way.

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