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[30 Aug 2009|05:12am]

Hey, guys. I'm Kaye and I co-mod over at [info]castawayed and I just had a quick question...

First adds and opening a game-- should it be done at the same time?

The main mod of the community wants to wait for 10 applications, and we've only been accepting holds for 2 days so far and have 3 applications, so we're doing pretty good. However, I hate making people wait to find out if they've been accepted. So, I understand waiting to open the game until a certain number of apps come in, but... accepting people? Won't they lost interest?

So... first adds and opening a game. The main mod says that's how most games do it. Does it work? Is it the best idea? Was he wrong?
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Would you be interested in a Modly Advice forum? [01 Oct 2008|05:01pm]

Hey everyone!
A few people have contacted me regarding Modly Advice's future. In a June 2008 post on the Lj branch, I asked if anyone would be interested in a Modly Advice forum. This would solve two problems:

1. The Ij and Lj versions of this community are very separate. Different issues might come up in each, and everyone would have to have an account at both websites to see all of the possible posts.

2. I no longer use either Ij or Lj.

I would still very much like to keep this community going. I just haven't had the time lately for anything other than work, school and my non-profit.

Would anyone be interested in a Modly Advice forum?

Would anyone else be willing to help out with the promotion, etc of such a forum? The forum would be hosted on my blog domain,

Thanks, and take care,
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Modly Question of the Week [04 Feb 2008|04:49pm]

It's a little late because of the Superbowl yesterday, but I'm trying to get back on track with a weekly question. So here's this week's!

What are some foolproof advertising methods you've used in the past, especially during a slow time of year (such as winter)?
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Modly Question of the Week [27 Jan 2008|11:39am]

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What sort of exceptions have you made for players? Have you reconsidered a minimum age rule because a player seemed mature enough? Have you extended posting deadlines or lowered posting regulations? Spill it all here.

Also, if you have an Lj account you'll know that Modly Advice is also on Lj, under the same username. My hope is to eventually complete the transfer from Lj to Ij.

Xposted to Lj

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