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Community Idea and Information [22 Feb 2008|08:37pm]

This an m-preg community, meaning no females are allowed. A plague was enforced by a company. 'If you got the money honey we have your disease'. What if this deathly illness really wasn't a something the world created but instead the parents of our characters went to this company to get what they needed whether it be love, fame, or fortune. However, with their curse, potion or disease, they hurt their children in the process.'If you want it you're gonna bleed, but it's the price you pay' Instead of just the first born being affected, all children who were the offspring of these parents who went to the company were. The children of the parents who didn't go to the company were not affected.

This change would kill all daughters either way, but eventually because of the animosity, and the government thinking it was a plague, their vaccine killed many, leading to the death of the rest of the women because it didn't react well with them. Some Men Die, but others are created as Breeders or stay as Non-Breeders.

Government engineered ‘a Pairing up’ amendment (breeder/non-breeder):
Registration is required so it's known they're a couple legally.
Any non-breeders that are sterile must be cleared by a doctor and Moderators.
Sterile Non-breeders may be paired together if moderators approve.
Any Non-sterile Breeders may be paired with a breeder, must be documented by doctor and approves by Moderators.
Adoptions may be available upon request, but ONLY sterile non-breeder couples get first priority. Also Must be approved by Moderators.

Breeder: Able to carry offspring, they have been changed internally to have a uterus, outer appearances are up to the breeders themselves. They will all still be men with minor differences. They are most commonly sterile, but their are rare occurrences. These occurrences must be discussed with the moderators for permission. Their Sperm is sterile, but not their uterus.

Non-Breeder: Not Able to carry offspring, but able to reproduce as usual. Nothing has changed, they are still men, some are considered sterile because of the vaccine, but most are not. It's a 10% chance they're sterile, but this is up to the character and the moderators.
Apartments and Complex Layout
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Taken/Wanted/Holds [22 Feb 2008|07:53pm]

Holds are for 3 days only once the community opens.

To place a hold Leave:
Name of character:
Screenname that you may be contacted at:
Holds )
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Application [22 Feb 2008|07:29pm]


ALL COMMENTS ARE SCREENED FOR PRIVACY OF THE APPLICANT (Please state whether you've held the character or not. You can check pending Applications if you would like to know whether your character is waiting on approval or not)

Claim to Fame:
Journal Name:
AIM Screenname:
Pairing? (Forced, Undecided, Paired)
Career they do now: (Not every one is expected to have this)
Do you understand that mods have the right to chose if the character you have chosen is a breeder or not?
Intro/writing example:

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RULES [22 Feb 2008|07:27pm]

1) Storylines:
a) Created by you
b) Forced Pairings:Given upon application if chosen to be in a forced pairing (pairings are decided by mods, but if writers do not mesh well or having issues that can not be solved, connect the mods and they may grant reassignment)
Automatic Storylines: These are the ones that if the person knows them in Real Life, like a band.
Reminder: things have changed so may be the character no longer wants to be involved with friends they had before, or costars and bandmates.
For Example: Matt Shadows and Synyster Gates, they are friends yes, but it's up to you the writers to reunite them as friends with in the community. If you both choose to not continue it that is up to you. Mods are not expected to reinforce it and characters don't have to be paired together if they are not wanted to be.
c) Undecided:These are the breeders/non-breeders that don't come in with a set storyline, either forced or not, they work through the community to find their own and work on it that way. to build the friendship, legalization of breeding responsibilities.

2) Be mature.

3) In-character and Out-of-character drama must be kept separate, if you don't agree out-of-character with another writer, continue to attempt to play in-character if not just don't write with that person. Harassment will not be taken lightly, so you will be removed if there's a problem. So please enjoy yourselves. If there's a problem contact the mods and it will be taken care of.

4) Male Pregnancy (M-preg) and Slash based community. There are no females around, sorry for those who only play females. Or enjoy Femme Lines.

5) Logging within the community is not necessary, but it does give us inside perspective about our characters. This is a Thread and AIM friendly community. Journals are used as well to update characters. Be well aware that not every one is thread or AIM oriented. So please be opened to both if it's called for. Storybook threading/aim is most wanted, but if your more comfortable with something else talk it over with whom your writing with. No update limit, but please keep the friend page moving, an update once a month should be easy enough to do. Also make it at least a paragraph so people have something to read, no one liners out of courtesy of your fellow writers.

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