February 1st, 2020

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Co-Mods, Interest Check?

So I have this idea I will be working on, it's a darker, kind of slice of life thing, but supernatural! If that doesn't scare you away, I'm looking for interest, possibly co-mods to work on it. There will be different types of animal shifters, each with its own lore, at least one will be based on Native American stories from my own tribe. While it will be a town and a slice of life kind of game, there will be darker plots, built around the created canons for people to get started. A few for each species and with enough information for people to make them their own, but with enough background to give some intrigue and backstory to the town and species that gives long term plottage! So far I'm planning on having the usual werewolves, but also bears, ravens, hawks, foxes. Possibly leopards as well and maybe vampires. There will of course be humans. Perhaps to join the ranks of the shifters depending on how you can do so, and yes everyone knows about the supernatural, there is no secret species really. I have some ideas for the different backgrounds of the main species for drama and connections.

About me, I am in my mid-forties, I role-play pretty much anything and am very open to ideas. I am working and in school so busy, but still able to be around online and do posts at least every other day! I love working with others, but my number one rule is that people have to be respectful, even if they disagree. If anyone is interested feel free to reply or PM me!