May 17th, 2016

[info]supremes in [info]modcooperative

mods? creative souls?

I posted this concept as an interest check on rpg-d, and got some great feedback, and I'm hoping to find abled beings who would like to help shape a rather extensive, magical world into game fruition once again.

I did this game is 2008 called Augury. It was about magical families coming together, with each family holding it's own head of house that was based on a magical school from Dungeons & Dragons. The journal was deleted, sadly. However, in 2008 my eighteen-year-old self posted an ad with the entire plot on ~wanna_rp, and for kicks, you can view it here.

In 2016 I'd like to reattempt said game, but give it a more Game of Thrones, political vibe, filled with witch hunters and backstabbers with some juicy character development. If you'd like, you can view my interest check here.

I'm looking for creative souls in hashing out surnames, family backgrounds for the houses, city locations, etc. I'm alone on this one, and I really need some brainstorming to really get the creative flowing. I'm also considering hosting the renewed game on jcink, versus journaling, and am hoping to find someone who is a chameleon in roleplaying platforms.