March 17th, 2016

[info]affictitious in [info]modcooperative

Acceptable or Worthy of Rejection?

I've recently found myself in a sticky and uncomfortable situation that, quite frankly, I need some advice on from other mods. Currently, I've waited about a day and half for an OC applicant to make some kind of OOC note or disclaimer stating that they've used information from a canon character wiki with only minor changes made and a link back to the page. I asked them to do this because I was not comfortable accepting the application as-is (because, let's face it, dire warnings from high school and college of plagiarism ran rampant through my head), but the longer I'm waiting for the changes to be made, the more I'm uncomfortable with the whole thing. Long story short, is what they've done considered acceptable in the RP world and is what I've asked them to do also acceptable or should I be flat out rejecting this application?

Updated (6:37am EST): An idea that I've thought about since initially posting this—Offer the applicant the alternative of playing the canon character but allowing them to diverge from a certain canon point. This would also include an entirely different PB and allow them to use the PB of their choice instead of the PB that is canon. It just seems to me that if all they're doing is slapping on alternate name and only changing the surname of the canons alias that maybe they should play the canon character and just diverge from the canon. This seems reasonable to me, but thoughts would be immensely appreciated.