December 16th, 2012

[info]austenlandmod in [info]modcooperative

looking to enlist troops!

the game: A Jane Austen-centric universe (too narrow?) where all the characters are modern versions of Austen characters. Whether or not they live out their storylines "properly" is entirely up to the players!

the help: I mean, I'd love a co-mod-- just having someone else around to throw ideas off of is invaluable in moderating games. But for the time being I'd be happy with a few extra pairs of hands to help with fluffing the place up-- some light coding, a lot of worldbuilding, that sort of thing.

If anyone is interested in helping, please drop me a line! Or if you're just interested in coming to play once things get off the ground. Or if you have thoughts/critiques about the premise/the very limited anything that's up in the journal right now. Your help and your feedback would be well-loved!