October 3rd, 2012

[info]l in [info]modcooperative

I am in need of opinions, and mod help with an awesome game I came up with. The basics are located @ [info]candleinsnow.

What I want to know is:

Should the game be on ij or should it be forum based? PUTTING IT ON IJ WINS!

Should we use pseudonyms to keep the game "anon" if it would promote less potential drama? What kinds of plot do you want to see (something WILL be happening with the muggles/muggleborns up in Scotland and Harry down in France EVENTUALLY)? Should I add more people? Etc.

What other input do you have to give?

Who wants to help me mod this? I'm looking for 2-3 more people! (I need a nit-picker, coding help never hurts, and help with activity checks.)

PPS: The 'taken' list is inaccurate right now cause some people bailed on me. So only look at the names and such. Not the pbs/journals/etc. ALSO: It's NOT based on GoT. It was INSPIRED BY the first couple episodes. I worded that wrong.

PPPS: I'm removing the rules for now as they'll need to be re-worked.

COMMENTS SCREENED or feel free to aim me @ loveindecembersnow!