August 21st, 2012

[info]lacklustre in [info]modcooperative

Ministry of Magic Game?

Hey there!

Is there any interest in creating an AU(?) post-Hogwarts game centered around the career climbing and fiercely political world of the British Ministry of Magic, and by extension, the Wizarding World? The game would be entirely about players advancing their characters down their desired career path, respected station, and lifestyle. Comes with a whole Galleon payment system, Daily Prophet, Quibbler, Wizengamot, ability to own Wizarding businesses, etc.

PM me or comment below. I laid out some of the logistics as how I would see the world played out. I'm mostly in need of an experienced mod/s or just someone to bounce off ideas with, as this will involve a lot work, plot, time and brainstorming. I really want this to be a lot of fun, so no stressing allowed. Fun people only.