June 1st, 2012

[info]joannajuen in [info]modcooperative

Harry Potter Co-Mod

Hi there! I'm Jo and I'm looking for someone to help me co-mod a next-generation Harry Potter game. The game will take place in 2015, Teddy Lupin's seventh year. It's a social game but we've got a tightly-packed calendar and we're going to be working very hard to develop personal plots for each character. OOC, we've got a whole points system going and bingo and almost daily memes and a whole host of other things that will take a lot of work, but I really believe will give us a big payoff in return with a long-running and incredibly fun game with an exceptionally low turn-over rate compared to most Hogwarts games. There's a lot to do but I'm hoping to have three mods in total to share the responsibility. I'm not asking you for a long-term commitment, however - I'm actually planning on changing at least one co-mod every six months or so to keep fresh ideas coming, so you can just help me get things started and then stay on as a player after your time as co-mod comes to an end. No pressure. No endless, overwhelming burden of responsibility. Just fun! If you think you might be interested, I'm happy to answer any questions you have, either here or by PM.