May 18th, 2012

[info]nohandstony in [info]modcooperative

Marvel Civil War

I've been modding for 5+ years and I'm going to be starting a Marvel Civil War era community based in the Marvel Movieverse. I've seen all the marvel movies and I'm very knowledgeable about the characters of the X-Men comic verse, but I lack specific knowledge and details about the Civil War line and the other marvel characters past their movie appearances. Although we would obviously be tweaking things for the movieverse, I'm looking for a co-moderator who's more knowledgeable about this specific era in Marvel's universe so that we could work together on creating this community.

Ideally, I'd love it if you had some good modding experience, but the most important thing is that you can come with your own ideas, be open minded to combining ideas and be aware of what issues members usually have with poor moderators. It's important to me that we can work to set up the community together, but I'd also love to keep you on as a co-mod once we open. So I need to know that you feel you'd be able to continue to moderate well, incorporate old and new members into the monthly plots, help to welcome people and dissolve any potential issues before they become unneeded drama, etc. These responsibilities would be both of ours.

Please comment if you're interested, and send any friends you think of this way if they fit the picture. Thanks!