October 3rd, 2011

[info]ancient_mod in [info]modcooperative

Looking for a CO-MOD

If anyone wants to lend a hand I need a co-mod for this game I started. If your interested let me know.

ociety for the Preservation of Antiquities

Welcome to the Society for the Preservation of Antiquities. Or the S.P.A. for short. The Society is an organization dedicated to the discovery of rare and potentially supernatural artifacts from all over the world, and the preservation, and housing of said artifacts in the Society Building. To the general public the Society is nothing more than a group of Archeologist and Historians that devote their careers to keeping the past alive. But the employees of the Society headquarters know better.

In truth the Society and its employees track down and recover artifacts that are reputed to have mystical or supernatural powers and store them in the Society mother house to keep them out of the wrong hands. The employees are top experts in the fields of Archeology, History, and Occult studies. In addition the Society Headquarters also employs technicians with knowledge of the latest technology to keep things running smoothly. If you're interested in joining our staff apply today and help us keep the past alive!

Game opens with 10 or more applications