May 8th, 2011

[info]theoddman in [info]modcooperative

Application Creation

Hey kids. I'm in the early processes of shaping my game idea right now. The premise and the conclusion of the game are all thought out, it just needs some structuring to be able to move from hypothetical to IJ. Thus far that structuring has been going slowly but steadily. Applications, however, are really beginning to make me fidget.

I checked the previous posts here to see if there was a dilemma similar to my own. There was. However the post was rather old and the responses, while helpful, haven't killed my anxiety. I decided to give the inquiry another shot to see if there were any new spins.

Ramblin' elaboration on my personal troubles with this app business. )

So, if you can spare the time and the insight, I'm curious as to what makes and app interesting to you, and what makes it frustrating. As a mod, what kind of sections have you used that have worked really well and given really good insight? As a player, what's easy or difficult to complete, where do you have to repeat things, what is fun to think about? What do you like in applications? And generally, where have you seen a good balance between efficiency and fun?

Additionally, if you can link me to any other communities that have asked this question or that might help me with this I'd me much obliged for that as well.