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[30 Aug 2016|03:31pm]
At approximately 6:30pm local time, August 30th, 2016, the Romeo team returned from its most recent mission with mixed results. While technically a success in that it resulted in the capture of their target, they lost four members in the process, and the tank lost most of their memories of the event. It was the biggest single loss the team had faced in years. The target, Isabella Sciuto, was placed in the clinic for observation and treatment of a bullet wound sustained during her capture due to friendly fire, which rendered her indefinitely unconscious. Guards were placed at her bedside for round the clock monitoring and were alerted to her two known powers of shapeshifting and power mimicry.

Handlers were the first to be alerted of the Romeo team's recent vacancies, and the discussion began of which candidates might qualify for transfer into those positions. Handlers had until the end of the day to volunteer which of their supers might potentially fit on the team, based on their abilities and records. The transfers were considered high priority, to be completed no later than September 1st.

OOC note: Currently signed up to transfer into the Romeo team are Siren, Pixie, and Charon. The Surveillance slot remains open.
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