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    Sunday, December 9th, 2007
    1:30 am
    [000] Danger!

    Hello, and welcome to my grapic journal. This is where I will post, the grapics that I make. I am going to put this journal on Friends Only, so that I can mange who is taking my icons and such. I may not always post all my icons in my journal. If you have any problems, then make sure that it isn't already address in a public post or in the userinfo. Thank you! Also all comments are screened. Promoting me is not requried, but if you would like too here are some buttons if you would like. [[ Buttons Here ]]

    Rules to be a member of this icon journal :

    1. Credit is mandatory, if you have a problem with this, then don't use my icons.

    2. Please ASK TO BE ADDED. I will NOT add those who did not ask to be added.

    3. Please DO NOT STEAL, DISTRIBUTE or PASS OFF my icons as your own. I don't like seeing my work in another community without my prior permission or knowledge. This is non-negotiable. I'm a member at [info]_busted and I DO report and check for rule-breaking.


    5. NO PROMOTIONS of any type of communities in my comments [Unless asked for]. You will be promptly BANNED and should you do it again you will be REPORTED as SPAM.

    6. Rudeness, arrogance or just plain ignorance are intolerable to me. If you can't respect me or my work, don't expect any from me either. Acting like an idiot won't get you far in life.

    7. Please use manners when taking or requesting something.

    Ways to get kicked out of here, and/or reported to [info]_busted :

    -Remove Credit from layout or extended Info Layouts.
    -Do not credit me for my work.
    -Are disrespectful to me, my friends or my affilates.

    This Journal is listed at

    DISCLAIMER: All images used in my work do not belong to me (unless it's stated that it is rightfully mine) nor do I receive any payments for my work. I merely modify them into little works of art and loveliness for others to enjoy.

    Last Updated: December 9th, 2007
    1:15 am
    Currently request are Not Open.

    - Non Friends are limited to one requst. -- Layouts are offlimits.
    Non Friends with mutliple usernames, will still only be allowed one icon.
    LJ non friends, must use their LJ name in the subjet, and are allowed 4 request minus layouts.

    - Friends are limited to no more than four request, and that's without a layout.
    - Friends are limited to two request if they request a layout.

    Icon Form )

    Banner Form )

    Layout Form )
    1:14 am
    [vii] Buttons
    Ok well here are some link back buttons, please use the code provied. :D
    Buttons )
    1:13 am
    Here are all my First Place banners

    And I'll Cover you )
    1:04 am
    Here are all my Second Place banners.

    The Funny thing is ... )
    1:02 am
    Here are all my Third Place banners.

    I'm gonna smile )
    1:02 am
    Here are all my Mod Choice and Thank you banners.

    I don't know how but I'm gonna fix it )
    12:47 am
    [ii] Affilates
    These are all the wonderful communites and icon makers I am affilated with. I am proud to be affilated with them, and I think you would really enjoy them. If you would like to become one leave a comment here :D

    Communities )
    Iconest )
    12:44 am
    [i] Icon Supplies.
    Here are the people on Live Journal, and Greatest Journal who make the brushes, textures ect, that I use on my Grapics.

    I like tigers )

    Smoother me in gravy you big sexy man )
    If you think I am using your textures (ect) without credit Let me know so I can fix this problem.

    Last updated: Saturday, May 19, 2007
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