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:: Hobbies/Pastimes/Sports :: [Oct. 11th, 2020|05:26 pm]

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Listed here are some hobbies, pastimes, and sports that your character might engage in. This is intended to help flesh characters out and also to provide inspiration for interaction. It isn't exhaustive.

Hobbies, Pastimes, and Sports: an incomplete list )

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::Journal Prompts:: [Oct. 11th, 2020|01:16 pm]


In previous games, I've noted a tendency (and been guilty of it!) to start a character's journal with "Today I received my new journal." While this works, in a new game, it can be tiresome to read this type of entry over and over again. To help everyone with ideas for what to write about, under the cut tag is a list of ideas of things that your character can journal about. Using this is optional!

Once the game begins, each Friday, there will be a post created in this board that will provide information about global events happening in the weeks ahead, rumors and gossip, political issues, and various bits of information for your characters to also springboard off of.

Journal Prompts #1 )
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