October 2nd, 2018

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Activity Check

Time for the bi-monthly Activity Check!

From our FAQ:

In order to fulfill the game's activity requirements, you must provide 10 new comments with your character. In order for threads to count, your character must have at least 5 comments in that thread.

The AC periods are:

- December 1st to February 1st
- February 1st to April 1st
- April 1st to June 1st
- June 1st to August 1st
- August 1st to October 1st
- October 1st to December 1st

Keep in mind characters must be properly tagged in their posts for threads to qualify.

Please comment here and provide the necessary info - no specific formatting is required, as long as it's easy to check the comments are counted right.

The post will be open until the 15th! You have until then to gather any missing comments. Any posts or threads played after this post goes up can be counted for the following AC - you simply can't have a thread count for two different periods.

Characters that did not pass last round:
- Tulio

This post is CLOSED.

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Plotting Post - October

This is our monthly plotting post! Here you may propose ideas (for your characters & their CR, or on a more game-wide scale), try to seek out CR for your characters, ask for suggestions for things you'd want to play out or ways to do it, gather participants for specific ideas you might have planned, and so on.

You may also ask us mods about any doubts regarding upcoming events, propose themes for new posts, sort out jar shenanigans, and anything else.

This month's events )

For individual CR and plots, you may use the following template for your characters:

Thread for mod plots || Thread for new player plots