August 5th, 2017

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4th wall event!


How it works:
For a couple of weeks, anyone will be welcome to playing in the 4th wall logs, without the need to go through the application process. They get to explore the world, meet our residents, mingle with other visitors, and even help influence the event's ending!

On top of mingling during the event, up until October 1st, all 4th wall visitors may use their threads as a sample in applications! The usual TDM rules apply, in that you need at least 5 comments (from your character) for the thread to qualify.

Remember that, of course, all game rules still apply. Should you need an invite code, please reply to any of our mod posts to request one!

Since temporary visitors don't require to fill out our stats, please try to put up the following info somewhere in your journal:

What can you expect:

Visitors will receive a minijar for the time of their stay, and a black, color-changing Mokona brooch that signals them as temporary residents rather than people who will stay for longer. Once the Mokona brooch turns completely white by the end of the 4th wall, it'll sprout wings and open a mini portal back to send the person back home.
4th wall schedule

14/08: 4th wall opens!
Miracle Country opens its doors to bring visitors from other worlds, to aid with the current imbalanced situation. There will be a few initial tasks - preparing tents for anyone left without housing (or who doesn't feel like sharing), a communal meal set up by the lake that many can collaborate on, and so on. A good chance to settle in and start gathering up good konpeito!

18/08: Monsters.
As a result of the surplus of energies around, the creatures on various areas of the islands are getting more restless. There will be blackouts during the day, with certain things ceasing to function temporarily - the trains, the underground lanterns... and the barriers protecting most areas, leading to creatures getting the chance to sneak out and attack the current population.

25/08: The Shrine:
Can you sense the source of imbalance provoking these blackouts? Where these negative energies are concentrating? The dragon shrine by the forests will now be more obviously taken over by negativity, as a pure place that is more susceptible to these energies. Covered in shadows and looking more and more sinister by the minute, if someone with enough positive konpeito gets close to it, it'll start absorbing them, desperately trying to regain its usual state. Of course, one person's konpeito alone won't be enough. Gather up as many as you can! Team up and clear the shrine!

03/09: The Result:
Depending on whether the shrine was cleared out or not, there are two possible results:
- If enough positive konpeito were gathered and the shrine is now back to normal:
A happy event that will be revealed by then will happen!
- If the shrine wasn't cleared in time:
An unhappy event that will be revealed by then will happen!

12/09: The End
Good or bad results, the visitor's time is up. The Mokona brooches will start opening portals and taking people home after sunset. To allow for tearful (!11) goodbyes, people will gather by the beach, to have one last day together.
The scenario that will play out also depends on the way the event happened, and will be revealed by the time the date arrives.

Positive and negative energy reports!
Since the event's final logs are influenced by characters' actions throughout the event, here's a place for anyone to report any major good or bad things their characters are up to! You don't need to report every single smile or frown they do, obviously, this is for more important moments that can be relevant. Remember that actions can result in both good and bad energy, and that the most important aspect to earning konpeito is always how it affects others! Feel free to ask us about the dynamics of the jar if you're unsure about anything.

To make it easier, simply fill out this form whenever something relevant comes up:

Go HERE for a list of current visitors!!

Of course, comment here or in the corresponding mod posts if you have any questions or doubts about the event or the game itself!

ETA: Dates have been extended to accommodate playing speed + unexpected mod hiatus!