September 23rd, 2017

[info]royaltybi in [info]miraclecountry


[The visitors have come and gone, whether there were goodbyes said or not. The absence is noted, Miracle Country seems a lot quieter than usual. The world is back to a moment of calmness it hasn’t had since the sudden change. And, speaking of changes, it’s clear there’s another one coming up.

Slowly but surely the weather begins to get a little chillier. The leaves begin to change colors, signaling the start of Fall. There’s always many things to do with the change of seasons. Maybe it’s time to start getting ready for the colder winter weather that’s approaching, go back to the crops and animals that might've been neglected during the hectic past weeks…

If you don't feel particularly generous, there's always the quests that the Usyagi will set out now that the visitors have left, so you can quickly add some positive konpeito to your jars, if you emptied yours during the earlier events. Although if you accept the quest to return the lost animals to the mountains, there's the worsening weather to take into consideration, since the area will be less welcoming than it was during the summer.

But of course, taking the time to enjoy the calm and the shift in scenery is not bad, either. After all, there’s no telling when something else, something new, is going to happen.]