August 5th, 2017

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[First, all you see is light – blinding and consuming, all around you. For a moment, all you have for company are your thoughts – a fear of where you’ll go, what you’ll forget, who you’ll never see again, all those things you never got the chance to do or say or accomplish.

And then a moment later, that light starts to fade away. You blink a few times, perhaps, and suddenly you can see.

You’re in Miracle Country again. But it is not the Miracle Country you know. It looks similar – but things are changed. There’s a different feeling in the air. Things around you seem different.

When you look up, there’s an Usyagi floating down holding its customary flower. You didn’t think they’d disappear, too, did you? It gives you that same eerie look it always has and delivers you a message for where you’ll be staying from now on, now that the large housing area is gone.

You’re holding a jar in your hands. In it, there are little sugar candies, konpeito of different colors. Attached to that jar is a little note—

The worlds aren’t just one.

You have been brought here for a reason, for a purpose. All our actions, all our thoughts have consequences good and bad, and the things we do and the things we accomplish are not coincidence, but destiny. You have been brought here for a reason.

The worlds are connected and the worlds are crumbling. In order to protect the world you love, and the other worlds you’ve never seen, we need to find a balance in the world again. This will fill up as you influence the world and other people, will feed its energy into this world and all worlds, and provide a way for us to save what’s always been so fragile.

Will you help us?

It’s a lot to take in. The world you knew has changed, and now you have to protect the world you’re missing. As you explore this new Miracle Country, there are things to do, things to see. Where did everyone go? Who’s still here?

As you walk, the Usyagi appear again, with another message – there are preparations that need to be done. Preparations for what? It isn’t clear just yet.

This all confirms for you what you’ve known since coming here – the worlds are not just one. Now, you know the reason why you’re here.]