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RULES [28 Feb 2008|04:59pm]
1)) This is an L.A. based community so your character will live in L.A. We're not going to stop you from traveling around though!

2)) In this community you can play celebrities whether they're an actor, musician, internet famous or famous for no apparent reason, it'll work.

3)) Please be realistic about your character though...stay relatively true to the person. For example if you're playing someone who is openly gay don't make them straight! If your character has kids in real life they're going to have kids in this RP!

4)) Have an AIM screenname for your character. Please no x's, xox's, 0's or other uselss letters and numbers. Try to get your character's name in the screename. If none of the above is possible it's alright to use your personal screenname.

5)) We'd REALLY like it if you could update at least once every two weeks. Keep us up to date with what's going on in your character's story line.

6)) Make sure your character has at least one icon that clearly shows their face.

7)) Please keep the storylines realisitic and mature as in no men getting pregnant, killing others off or suicide. We just don't want to deal with that crap here.

8)) We're open to slash though. Don't be afraid for some man on man lovin'.

9)) One thing we don't tolerate here though is OOC drama, we'll warn you once and only once.

10)) This is mostly Storybook. Astricks are allowed. If you do both that's even better.

11)) Some people work really hard on their storylines. Please don't go in and ruin them.

12)) Your character can do whatever they want for the most part. They can date who they want, get married and have children just be realistic and organized about it.

13)) Most importantly have fun! We are rather friendly people here.
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