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A New Book Trailer! [15 May 2022|09:48am]

I've been in a bit of a creative slump recently because there have been a lot of things going on (our family cat died after 17 years, our house flooded and went through over three months of repairs, and I've been struggling with some health issues), but I'm starting to feel that spark of wanting to create something new once again.

So I pulled out my trusty video editor the other day and started playing around with the idea of creating a book trailer for my sci-fi noncon novel Pathfinder, and this is what I came up with. It's a little gritty, a little racy, and I think it captures the atmosphere of the novel really well. I think the music works well, and it features some clips from the audiobook that was narrated by the devilishly talented Dan Calley. I really love how it turned out. ❤️

YouTube flagged it as 18+, so you have to go to their site to watch it while you're logged in to prove you're an adult. I'm not sure if that might intrigue readers into clicking or make them not want to bother, but it is what it is.

Take a peek and give it a like if you feel so inclined. And feel free to share it with anyone you think might be interested! :)

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[05 May 2022|11:53am]

[ mood | discouraged ]
[ music | Local radio - who else listens to that anymore?? ]

It's not easy being alive today. I never suspected I'd live in times like these. I thought we would only move forward in my lifetime. And you know what bothers me the most? I can't figure out a way to fix it.

I have Grand Ideas about Big Problems sometimes. They may also be Dumb Ideas, but they are also grand and I think they could work if there was enough money/time/personpower. For example, there was a time when I thought the Recycling industry was definitely going to be the Next Great Blue-Collar Job. That there would be profit in the manual sorting of recycling, including profit to the planet.

Ha ha, say plastics manufacturers.

And in case you want to say, "yeah, but that was 2020", looky at what was just posted today.

Let's face it, plastics are a long-term problem (oh yeah, they're in our bodies for good now, too). The state of the extreme right and its power over the country is pretty much a constant for me. We can't save the planet if we can't save ourselves from each other first. Too many deniers.

Some people can look away. I can't. And I can't come up with even the wackiest of solutions to bring us together. I think even a giant space monster taking out NYC wouldn't move the dial.

If anyone has any good ideas for bringing the world back together on a mass scale, feel free to share them. I could use a little hope, even the wacky kind.

love, lore

P.S. Happy of the day - finally figuring out that Marakara moved over here.

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before they were enemies... [03 May 2022|07:11pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

List of Hank/Alex fics. Started reading for no reason, kinda into this pairing for now:

Like Yellow Does On Blue by emperors_girl [Alex/Hank, X-Men, Charles/Erik] Expicit AU
Hank doesn’t care about girls, but there are certain boys he wouldn’t turn down. But those boys apparently want someone cool, someone with experience. Not a virgin with a 4.0.

Let Me Loosen Up Your Collar by emperors_girl [Alex/Hank, Scott, Charles] Expicit AU
After his parents die unexpectedly, Alex needs money to take care of his two year old brother. Gig work isn’t cutting it, but maybe Alex can find himself a nice, young sugar daddy?

A Morning to Remember by UisceOneLove [Alex/Hank, Raven] AU
Hank did not do parties.
Now he had someone in his bed and a hazy night.
It's Raven's fault, surely.

It wasn't our fault, this time by wickersnap [Alex/Hank, Charles/Erik, Jean/Logan/Scott, X-Men]
Hank wakes up feeling not quite himself. Apparently the same goes for most of his friends, too.
Well, at least no one's managed to blow up the mansion, this time.

i still ache to know the song that he sung by eversall [Alex/Hank, Charles/Erik, team] Mature AU
Alex only looks and dresses like the rakish pirates from the covers of romance novels; he's really more the swooning, pining maidens that pirates hold in their arms when it comes to Hank McCoy.

Flicker by Trojie [Alex/Hank] Explicit
It's the first time Alex has been back to the mansion in ... god, it must be nearly fifteen years.

Bet Big and Take the House by Meddalarksen & victoriousscarf [Alex/Hank, Charles/Erik, Raven/Shaw, past Hank/Raven, team] AU
Hank McCoy believes in going big or going home. Which is why the instant he's out of prison after a disastrous con gone wrong, his first plan is to steal from a Las Vegas casino...

sickeningly sweet like honey, don't need money by eversall [Alex/Hank] AU
Five times Hank and Alex go through cliche scenarios as friends pining after each other, and five times they go through those scenarios in love.

no grave can hold my body down (i'll crawl home to him) by eversall [Alex/Hank, Charles/Erik] Mature
Alex is a ghost, but not dead, then Alex is not a ghost, and very much alive, and through it all - through it all Hank is still angry at him for leaving in the first place.

In Our Bedroom After The War by test_kard_girl [Alex/Hank, Charles]
Alex is AWOL; Hank found it alot easier to deal with when he was just plain *dead*.

Queen's Gambit by kaydeefalls [Raven/Angel, Charles/Erik, Alex/Hank team] AU
Raven's running her own extractions these days, but the job S.H.I.E.L.D.'s dumped in her lap is a real shitshow. Two marks, two simultaneous dreams, eleven dreamers, and a hell of a lot of baggage. Time to call in a few favors -- and did she mention the job involves inception? Sequel to Boden's Mate.

Boy and the Beast by accol [Alex/Hank] Explicit
Alex x Hank drabbles originally written for fivesentencesmut.

The Side-Project by bluebells [Alex/Hank] Explicit
Hank is afraid of hurting Alex after his transformation and he'll only let their intimacy go so far. Alex is getting impatient.

Like a Heart Needs a Beat by flowermasters [Alex/Hank] Explicit AU
Zombie!AU. Hank and Alex chase away each others' nightmares in a world already full of monsters.

this is only now (where do we go from here) (dw) by [info]thebodyeclectic [Alex/Hank, Scott, Charles/Erik, team] Mature AU
Prompt: Modern AU, where an older Alex (in his mid twenties?) somehow figures out/recieves the news that, no, his younger brother didn't die in the crash like he'd been told, and then sets out to find him. The catch is, Scott's been adopted and adores his 'dad', who is incidentally the adorkable Hank McCoy.

Limited Release by [info]rageprufrock [Charles/Erik, Alex/Hank] R/NC-17 AU
When Alex Summers broke out of supermax to rescue his stupid kid brother, he had no idea it was going to be so fucking complicated.

Runs in the Family by Anonymous [Alex/Hank, Charles/Erik, team] AU
Prompt: Hank is Charles' & Erik's son (adopted? mpreg?). High school setting. Alex tries to win Hank's affection, even though he's a all dense and clueless about wooing a guy... Charles is annoyingly happy, giving dating/sex tips... Erik is all sulky that someone is trying to get close to his baby boy...

Aggression by Melodious329 [Alex/Hank, Charles] Explicit
Alex has had some bad experiences in prison and they still bleed into his sex life with Hank.

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