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September 16th, 2011

Thread: Summer & OPEN

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Who: Summer & OPEN
What: Looking for something to do.
When: Friday Evening; 5:34pm
Where: Outside
Rating: TBD

Pausing as she stepped outside, Summer adjusted the mesh knitted hat she wore, her long red hair stuffed up into it with only a few stray tendrils escaping, too short to do what she wanted and stay. She had to step out of the dorms for a bit, get some fresh air and sun. Otherwise she felt like she would go stir crazy, what with all the weirdness happening at night. Not that she was afraid or anything, just that it was annoying, and she would really like some time to unwind without worrying or thinking about how some things were disappearing, and all the other stuff happening around.

Taking in a big gulp of air... )

September 7th, 2011

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Who: Freddy and Caleb
Where: Their dorm room
When: Tuesday, September 6, in the evening
What: Weirdness is happening and life must go on.

The air around the foot of his bed has been cold for a while now but it's starting to spread, getting worse each night as the shadow of a person at the foot of his bed keeps trying and keeps failing to be heard. Freddy wishes he could help but he doesn't know how. Alternately, if he can't figure out what to do, he wishes that it wouldn't get so frustrated and freeze him out of his bed when it obviously doesn't know what to do about this, either. Neither wish coming true, he sits curled into a blanket, back to the headboard, chin resting on the pillow he's pulled up close to his chest as he stares into the odd non-darkness beyond. He vaguely contemplates digging out some sweatpants and a hoodie, maybe a pair of socks. Maybe he should do some homework. Does he even have any homework? He can't remember. His eyes start to slide closed, only to snap open again, a bit wider than before, when the seemingly harmless ghost in front of him becomes something far more terrifying against the back of his eyelids.

August 29th, 2011

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who. sylvia and an alleged ghost.
what. sylvia goes to take a shower.
when. august 29, morning.
where. the shower stalls.
rating. pg-13, if only for sylvia's potty-mouth.

somewhere a clock is ticking )

August 26th, 2011

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who. sylvia, caleb, and vincent.
what. sylvia asks becky for a lighter.
when. august 26, evening.
where. swynbridge dormitories.
rating. pg-13 for language.

who's afraid of the big bad wolf? )

August 25th, 2011

then i'm radio and then i'm television

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Who: Gabriel AND YOU (by which I mean this is an open post, uh)
Where: In and around Thornwell
When: Friday, August 26, after classes are over for the day.
What: Gabriel is ramblin' around, as he is wont to do. Come and meet him! :3 I always say any post I am involved in will eventually be at least PG-13, because I have a terrible mouth. :( Although Gabriel does not.

i'm afraid of everyone, i'm afraid of everyone )

Notice: Homecoming Week Events

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August 28 › Mentor Program Party
A "party" is being held on the first floor of the staff house as an introduction to the school's mentor program. Snacks and non-alcoholic drinks are provided for both returning students who wish to volunteer as mentors and new students looking for peer mentors to help them get acquainted with the school and surrounding areas.

August 29 - September 2 › Club Fair
Established extracurricular groups will have tables set up in the central body of Marrowston Hall for those who may be interested in more information about school clubs and programs. Students interested in starting a new club or program are invited to speak with an adviser or student counsel representative about putting up a display.

August 31 › Tour of Thornwell
The residence assistants will be taking any interested parties into Thornwell for a school-sponsored tour and shopping trip. Necessities and school supplies may be purchased on the university tab during this trip.

September 3 › University Homecoming
A campus-wide party will be held to welcome students to the university for a new year. There will be live music on the dining hall stage from 7-10pm, followed by a DJ from 10pm-1am. Food and non-alcoholic drinks will also be provided. As usual, the paths around the campus commons will be kept lit for safe passage from Marrowston Hall to the dormitories.

[OOC information about these events can be found here.]

August 19th, 2011

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Who: Alexei Orlov & Quinn Matlock
What: Two people indulging in slightly masochistic tendencies.
When: August 19th, around 3:00pm
Where: By the edge fo the Tangle Wood.
Rating: PG-13. No cursing, not sexual things, no violence, but mentions of touchy non-children things...
Note: Started in Log, continuing in Threading.

It was the time of day in which the sun was at its brightest and most intense. Only at this time of day would Alexei come here and sit upon the crumbling wall. Sit in the blazing sun with eyes cast on the dark Tangle Wood. The stuff of nightmares. A place which terrified Alexei to no end. If such a place held his nightmares… than it was somewhere he never wanted to travel in to. Because his were more than nightmares’. His were night-terrors. Dreams so real, so intense, he could not usually wake himself from them. He was left at the mercy of those dreams. Left thrashing about his bed whimpering, with tears in his eyes. At least he rarely cried out anymore.

He licked his lips, hands raising to clasp his arms against the sudden chill he felt. )

August 10th, 2011

and your trunk of returnables is weighing your convertible down

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Who: Caleb et Vincent
Where: Vault Records
When: August 10, around 3 PM
What: An introductory meeting; let's say rated 'careful' for work due to my and Caleb's inevitable profanity.

The opening of a new semester always means a kick-up in business for Caleb, and not just necessarily from Marrowston's surrounding area. Hauling one's ass to or from Whitecliff is ...exactly that, a haul, and so most of its university populace get their product a bit more locally, but--word of mouth is still the most effective advertising, he's discovered, legality or none. Ergo: word travels, and he has enough regular customers to make the trip worthwhile around once a week (or sometimes twice) before classes get back into session.

This conveniently also heralds a trip to Vault Records... )

August 3rd, 2011

A New Arrival

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Who: Sabine and Caleb.
Where: Sweetwild, on the bank of the Sweet River, just outside southern Thornwell.
When: August 3rd, sometime before sundown.
What: PG; Sabine arrives a stranger in a strange land, and meets a...stranger.

The last she truly remembered was finding a taxi and telling the driver to take her to the beach. Any beach. She'd lived in Chicago all her life, yet she'd never once been near the shore. It was her first big adventure by herself and she wanted to start it right, before her father found her, dragged her back to a life she didn't want.

She'd been dropped off at one of the many beached dotting the shore of Lake Michigan, a small, deserted strip of land that met the water. )

August 1st, 2011


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Who: Teo and Jakab
Where: The Sweetwild, near to Marrowston and Pinespring
When: August first sometime after noon
What: Rated PGish? Teo arrives and pretty much immediately meets Jakab.

The first thing Teo noticed was that sunlight was shining on his face. His brows furrowed in immediate response, and he rolled over to bury his face in his pillow to hide from the light. His face, however, met rock and grass. There was a sweet smell near his nose that reminded him vaguely of strawberries, but the scent was off. He tested the waters by opening one eye.

He was in a field, a lush verdant expanse of land that seemed to go on for quite some time. He opened his other eyes and sat up, brows still furrowed but this time in confusion. Not a thing about this field looked at all familiar. Teo sighed, but he was not overly concerned. This wasn't the first time he'd woken up somewhere that wasn't where he'd fallen asleep. Usually though, he wound up someplace familiar.

He got up and dusted himself off, decided to pick a direction at random to walk in. Sooner or later something would look familiar and he could get back home.

Notice: Network Improvements

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1 August 2011

My dear students of Marrowston University,

As those just now completing their summer studies will have no doubt noticed a change or two, I feel that it is time to make a few small announcements. Firstly, the university is pleased to inform you all of a drastic improvement in our network connectivity over these past few months. Internet and electronic mail, as well as the very notification system which I am utilizing at this precise moment, should hopefully prove more reliable this year than it has in the past. Please note that it would still be in your best interest to expect the occasional outage, however I am informed that the majority of the "bugs" have been worked out of the new system. I would also ask you to remember that, even with the university being more properly connected to the outside world, the use of social networking sites is highly inadvisable, should you find yourself capable of accessing them. Secondly, on the social networking note, we will be implementing a new program as of today, adding weblogs to the university's available resources. Students are invited to use them as a means by which to communicate more readily. My staff and I hope that you will all find this new feature conducive to maintaining closer and more active relationships with your fellow students. All necessary instructions should be found attached to this notification, assuming that I have properly followed my own instructions, as provided by Professor Shake. Please feel free to acquaint yourselves with this new program between now and the start of the next term.

Dr. Maxwell Holyfield

[This means that blogs are now available for use by new and returning students. Those new to Meminisse as a whole will need to meet someone and be registered with the university. You can set something up with another played character, create your own NPC, or contact the mod to interact with an existing NPC. Please arrange this via PM or through the introductory post.]
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