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Jul. 6th, 2023



[No Subject]


The wonderful thing about RP is that it provides a form of escapism from our humdrum modern lives. Anyway, let's play barbies if they were co-workers in an office and exploit an environment rich for interpersonal conflict and awkward romance.

how to play

Comment with your character and a few lines about what KRAGOR THE BONECRUSHER is like in an office environment
Tag around with others like it's a Christmas mingle and you're two drinks in

prompt ideas

the new girl - maybe it's your character's first day, maybe it's their first real job or maybe they're showing the new guy the ropes
did you get my email - a catch-all prompt for emailing or texting back and forth
office pranks - obviously this is setting you up to RP Jim putting KRAGOR THE BONECRUSHER'S stapler in jello
called into hr - this can be a gen thread for some chiding or maybe it's an excuse for some flirting
lunch break liaison - your characters "forgot" their sandwich, or maybe their cute co-worker packed them a lunch? maybe the cafe downstairs sucks and so they go for a drive. maybe they take a 2 hour lunch break.
corporate getaway - catch-all for business travel, sharing hotel rooms, can't believe they only had one big bed and we had to share etc etc
work wife - a catch-all for juicy secretary/boss relationships, workplace crushes on your deskmate or the receptionist and maybe a budding relationship built on a mutual hate of printers
impress the boss (/performance review) - how your character chooses to make a good impression is their business. maybe they're the boss? maybe they're just ambitious Assistant to the Regional Manager.
charity dinners - characters are obligated to arrange some sort of offsite dinner or event and all the stress that comes with that
didn't know you existed out of work - nothing more awkward than seeing your boss on the weekend, except maybe if your boss invites themself to have lunch with you

Feb. 17th, 2023



[No Subject]


the enchanted forest meme

Oh, fairy tales. Do they remind us that no matter what happens, things can still turn out alright and your prince will come, or do they tap into your primal fears and remind you of what and what not to do to avoid an untimely end? Do they reflect the human condition and subconscious, or are they just clever stories to amuse adults and keep kids up at night? Or are they as sweet as they seem? Who knows. It's time to find out.

oo1. comment with your characters
make sure to put names, series, & preferences somewhere!
you can use < ! > sans the spaces to make the comment "blank"
oo2. reply to others in character
oo3. use the rng and enter 1-12
oo4. play out what happens—anything goes!
oo5. profit? oh yeah!
oo6. totally not based off of fairy tales

There might be triggers, depending on how the prompts are interpreted.

one → small quest it might be a rare herb or a cup of magic water, but someone’s life depends upon you going through these woods and getting it. will you find it right away? have to battle a witch for it? or maybe you don’t want to succeed at all.

two → lost how did you manage to get lost in these woods? you had that map, right? how did you even get to this part of the country? whatever happened, you’re stuck until someone helps you out. if they want you out in the first place.

three → chased these woods weren’t exactly the place you wanted to go, but you had no choice. innocent or guilty of a crime, or a victim of circumstance, these woods might buy you some time… wait. was that a wolf in the distance?

four → the old castle sometimes when you’re lost or wandering about, you see something really amazing or unusual. or something you were never meant to find. like that old abandoned castle people have been whispering about…

five → passing through the forest has a well-worn path that no one ever strays from, lest something magical happens to them. you’ve traveled it often enough, but just because you’re on the path doesn’t mean you’ll be left alone.

six → refuge it might be dark and cold, or entirely welcoming, but it’s the only place those nasty goons or insane villagers won’t follow you. but what exactly is keeping everyone else away from here? or did you want into some danger yourself?

seven → chance encounter it’s a fairy! no, wait, that was just an ogre. an ogre?! from sorcerers to talking deer, you can meet anything in an enchanted forest. so will you meet someone who wants to help you, or will they want to eat you instead?

eight → danger this forest doesn’t like newcomers, and the creatures don’t like humans. its ways are old and strange, and just because you’ve been able to enter it doesn’t mean you’ll be spared. no one likes trespassers, after all.

nine → abandoned for whatever reason, you were abandoned here a long time ago. this is the only place you have ever known, and you’d rather not leave. not even for that prince who has come to take you back home, long lost princess.

ten → large quest the forest might be the end of your quest, or it might be a large part of it. you’ve been fighting hard for a long time to rescue the princess or defeat the wizard, and this forest isn’t going to scare or defeat you. will it?

eleven → spell trapped in an ancient oak tree? put under a sleeping curse? or maybe you’re the one who is causing that mischief from that little cottage you’ve hidden in the old forest people are learning to become wary of these days.

twelve → magical not all enchanted forests are scary! some of them are filled with sunlight, fairies, pretty little birds, and all those big-eyed creatures, all of them singing along with you, having a wonderfully good time.

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Jul. 13th, 2022



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high school au meme


1. Post with your character with their name and series in the subject line.

2. Roll 1-19.

3. ???

4. Play out high school AU times.



1. first day

Catch up with old friends, brave new teachers, fight your way through the sea of students, and hope you're in the right classroom. Oh, you're the new kid. Well, that's okay as long as you've got more than enough summer vacation anecdotes to fill ten pages of Times New Roman size 12, single-spaced.


2. first period

You're gonna be late! Or are you already there? Class hasn't started just yet, so chat it up or copy your classmate's homework before the teacher gets here.


3. lesson proper

You're probably diligently taking notes, looking out the window daydreaming or reciting in class, much to your teacher's delight - or dismay. Try not to be too obvious when counting down the minutes and pass that note as discreetly as possible.


4. faculty

Have a bone to pick with your terror math teacher. A crush on the cute chemistry teacher? There might be something you want to ask your homeroom teacher about. In any case, you plan on seeing a faculty member today. Or maybe they plan on seeing you!


5. lunch break

Man, you are starving. Hopefully, today's menu has something good. If the crowded cafeteria's not your thing, try the rooftop.


6. hooky

One of you is skipping class. You should try talking them out of it if that's your thing.


7. detention

What on earth did you do to get this? Oh well. Detention can't be that bad when you've got all these very nice, approachable model students around to talk to.


8. p.e.

Baseball, basketball, dodgeball - no matter the sport, just remember: you are the star. It's you. At least, you hope it is.


9. home ec.

Sewing! Cooking! ... Try not to burn the school down!


10. lab work

Frog dissections! Explosions!


11. school fair/festival

Every school has one of these. What's your class doing this year?


12. theater

Oh boy, oh boy, being the star of this play is your dream. It isn't? Oh. You're still helping with the props and costumes, right?


13. library

If you need to look something up or just want some peace and quiet, this is the place. Whatever you do, shh, people are trying to read.


14. bully

Whether they take the form of Nelson Muntz or Regina George, if you choose to meet them at the gym at four o' clock or else, be ready to face the consequences... or maybe you don't have to. Not when someone's here to help you out. (This can go either way - one of the participants can be the bully or someone helping the victim.)


15. tutor

You're having trouble with a class or you're trying to make up for the days you were absent. It's a good thing someone was nice enough to offer their assistance.


16. clubs

Assuming that you actually have one. Are you writing for the school paper? Part of the student council? The marching band? Maybe you're a member of one of those weird occult clubs or something...


17. prom

Do you have a dress? A date? Who are you voting for prom king? Is being on prom committee is driving you crazy? Do you even care?


18. graduation

Well, it was fun while it lasted. It's time to say those last words, settle those scores and get ready to grow up.


19. roll again/make your own scenario