Monday, April 13th, 2009


Post here to stake a claim. You may make two claims at a time; after that, you have to complete one before you can claim another. There is no time limit to this challenge: you can take as long as you want to write/draw the themes as long as you are working on them. Again, if you go three months without a post or contacting the mod, your claim will be dropped.

There is no maximum word limit on fanfiction, but the minimum is 100 words. Fanart has no real limit, it just has to actually involve the character/pairing you've claimed. For a pairing, they don't necessarily have to be kissing, holding hands, etc. but we should be able to tell they are together from the picture.

Also note that original characters are not accepted. If you have any further questions, comment here.

Follow this format when claiming, please:
Specific Game: eg, Persona 3, Digital Devil Saga
Username: non-coded, please. So do this (ruby_shards) not this ([info]ruby_shards).
Link to table: This is optional, but it would be fun to allow others to have your entire list readily available.
[See below for a modly example.]
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