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Ok, so who all is planning on actually wanting their character(s) to come to question the escaped and not dead Fae?

Just so I know who we'd be waiting on and all.

Hi! -waves- This is Ajia (or AJ or Crazy Ajian), and...I had Landon. >.> Long story short, RL stuff happened, and then someone kind of tried to kill him, and so now...since he's being very quiet and won't cooperate, I poked Karl in hopes that it might...kick Landon back to life. A note to make before you all get confused: Karl's history kind of forces Landon's to change, and so when he resurfaces, I'm going to redo his history and such so that it all makes sense.

So Karl is a werewolf. A singing werewolf. And Marianne O'Connell's mate. (Also coming with Karl is his & Mari's son Allaister, who is an NPC.) Also, Karl is a telepath, and bonded with Landon. And...yeah. If you're curious about his information, it can be found here.

Never know what will pop up in a thread

Is it wrong that Mari saying that this group of supernaturals is like the fellowship sent me into a world of giggles?

Not the fellowship of the ring mind you, but the fellowship of the supernaturals!

Ploty goodness!

Okay, so Amara and I have decided to run with a plot.

We're hoping this will get the game back up and running and be fun in the process.

The whole of the plot is going to be kept in the dark for now. We'll give you bits and pieces throughout either through information in play or an OOC post that character's should be noticing. Because where's the fun in knowing the end of a story before the story has progressed. Right?

For now, the information we will give you is.

If your character has contacts that monitor the supernatural world, there is started to be an alarming amount of supernaturals disappearing. They live in a town ages, and one day a friend goes to their place to find them because they haven't heard anything in a few days. The missing Other's stuff is still there. Fridge full. Mail piling up. Car in the drive. Nothing is missing, not even a bag with cloths for an overnight stay. Just gone. No signs of a struggle, no notes. Though, oddly, the door on their place wasn't locked either.

No one seems safe either. Vampire, Shapeshifter, Fae, they all seem to be targets.
The disappearances started a little over two months ago. The first few incidents were quiet, only local news stations reporting on it. But as the number of people continued to disappear, the bigger stations picked it up, bigger news papers started reporting on it. Keeping a running total in the articles. So far the police can't make a connection, as there doesn't seem to be a pattern that they can make.
When the people of Mayham do their networking, they'll find that it's the younger supernaturals that have gone missing. Newer vampires. Younger shifters and Fae.

I am back and all Disney-ed out!

I'll be headed back to school on Sunday and then I shall have time to RP and what not, huzzah! Though, I'm not sure if the internet will be back on until Monday, seeing as it's in my friend's boyfriend's room and he won't be there until Monday morning.

Ah, well.

So, I'm free to RP tonight and tomorrow, for a bit, at least.

Missed you all! <3!

Just thought I should mention I won't be around from Saturday to Wednesday. I'm going to Disney World with my mom, my friend and her mom. It's for my friend's 21st birthday.

So, just in case anyone needed me, I won't be back until Wednesday. Hopefully the afternoon, seeing as our flight is kind of early. I should be back by Wednesday night at the latest.

I know have a thread currently going and I promise, as soon as I'm back, I'll get right on it! <3!

Should anyone need me or Kristine for anything, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at and I'll get back to you, Wednesday! Thanks!

Julian O'Byrne [userpic]

I had to post this after the whole possession thing. It's from an online comic I read.
Sadly I can't see either of my characters posting this in the actual game, which is why it ended up in the OOC.

Has Possession become a problem? Join Demons Anonymous today! )

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