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April 2020


November 1st, 2018



Tidbits about Yule (Jól!)

Yule Correspondences

Animals: Bear, Boar, Squirrel, Stag, Sow, Tiger
Birds: Eagle, Kingfisher, Lapwing, Owl, Robin, Snow Goose, Wren
Colors: Gold, Green, Red, Silver, White
Goddesses: Aphrodite, Fortuna, Gaia, Hel, Holle, Ishtar, Isis
Gods: Apollo, Attis, Balder, Dionysus, the Green Man, Lugh, Odin, Ra
Herbs: Blessed Thistle, Chamomile, Ivy, Mistletoe,Rosemary, Sage
Incense: Cedar, Frankincense, Juniper, Myrrh, Pine
Metals: Gold, Silver
Stones: Bloodstone, Clear Quartz, Diamond, Emerald, Garnet, Ruby
Trees: Apple, Birch, Cedar, Chestnut, Fir, Holly, Juniper, Oak, Pine, Yew
Zodiac: Capricorn, Sagittarius
Traditions: Caroling, wassailing the trees, burning the Yule log, decorating the Yule tree, exchanging of presents, kissing under the mistletoe




APRIL 2018

Thanos is a dick - destroys Nova Corp, Asgard's refugees, wages war on Wakanda, kills half of the galaxy with a 'snap of his fingers'.
MAY 2018

Various Avengers and X-Men begin the task of undoing Thanos' dickness. The original Avengers, and some of their allies, are all that are left after the battle in Wakanda, and they reach out to their untapped allies for assistance.
Thor leaves Wakanda for Westchester with Rocket. They seek out Forge, meet Scott and Rhia, and find that Forge is dead. Zap reveals she inherited Forge's shamanism.
Magically-inclined X-Men begin researching everything they can get their hands on - Harp, Rasputins, Wildheart, etc. Rocket joins forces with Shuri in Wakanda and the tech-savvy X-Men to look for science-related answers. Thor begins training Zap on how to harness her magical abilities.
With the help of Harp, Zap, Hemlock and Warpath find rituals to cement their abilities together and strengthen their bonds, and then summon Veeho to accept a sacrifice to enhance Eva's powers. Forge's ties to the Sorcerers Supreme are revealed. His work with the Mind Stone, combined with Howard Stark's work with the Time Stone, left clues as to how the survivors could combine the artificial elements and traverse spacetime.
JUNE 2018

While all combined forces forge ahead, Thor and Zap take a break to make a baby. Oh, and they're in a relationship too. He gets on well with Mateo and Logan is cool with the situation.
After the 'Infinity' Stones are successfully combined, Thor is able to harness their power and reverse time to just before Thanos destroys the ship the last of his people are on - as well as Nova Corps. Armed with Stormbreaker, and the element of surprise, the group who traveled back manage to stop Thanos in his tracks and kill him - and his gross followers. The Asgardians come to Midgard and take refuge at Xavier's where they all mingle for several months.
JULY 2018

Charles Xavier donates an emense patch of land to the Asgardians, miles-wide, and they in turn raise it from the planet's surface and began reconstructing some of their buildings and culture on the floating land mass - with massive amounts of help from the mutants of Midgard. Some of the mutants take up with the Asgardian refugees and decide to live on what's deemed 'Vernal Asgard'.

Time jump. Construction continues on Vernal Asgard. Tensions with world governments (primarily the US) rise.

At the peak of political crisis for Vernal Asgard, Zap (pregnant) and Warpath are taken by forces claiming to serve the UN to Holland, after a speech Zap made at the International Criminal Court, concerning treating refugees how they were promised to be welcomed by our laws and founding ideals. Asgardians, Avengers and X-Men make the effort to retrieve their people peacefully and succeed. Loki posed as Thor, while the real Allfather remained at their home. As soon as Warpath and Zap were out of harm's way, Loki (a war criminal and rogue) disappeared, leaving Thor free and clear of any promises his adopted, criminal brother made.
Considering the US' actions against Vernal Asgard an act of war (kidnapping and holding the king's unborn heir, and the future queen, as well as a prominent member of their court), it is decided that Asgard as a whole would return to the cosmos where the crown of the Nine Realms once sat. Until at their full power and operation, Asgard (as it is once again called) remains close in proximity to Alfheim, its ally and a realm it presides over.
After a few weeks in the proper realm of Asgard, Prince Torben makes his appearance, coming three months early by Earth's standards, but slightly behind schedule for his new (rightful) birthplace on Asgard. He's growing rapidly.

Time jump. Plans for the royal wedding are in full swing and relations with Alfheim are being reestablished.

Just before the royal wedding ceremony takes place, Hemlock and Warpath are sent by Thor to retrieve a weapon that had belonged to Odin, which had been summoned by a mystery man. Once Heimdall returns all three men to Asgard, the man claims to be Baldr, son of Odin and Frigga. This is kept secret until after the wedding (even from the bride). Once the reception had begun, Thor revealed to Zap about his 'brother' who was being held prisoner. The court immediately begins investigating his claims, and looking into the realm he claimed to have been held in by Hela, Hel.
Freyr, God of Summer and Fire, approached Wildheart at the wedding reception of the king and queen, and claims to be her father. She is eventually told she also has a brother, Fjolnir (God of Bounty), and a stepmother, Skadi (Goddess of Winter). Currently, she is seeking counsel as to the handling of her new familial situation. Freyr is, as well. Things hadn't gone smoothly.
Caltrops (Nathaniel), the newly minted 'hand of the queen' takes it upon himself to find a willing volunteer to travel to the realm of Helheim and report back their findings on its current state - politically and otherwise. Mars, who had been looking for an escape from a recent tear in his family's fabric, is the lucky party chosen to send his spirit to the Norse version of the underworld. Magic users gather and send him successfully, currently awaiting his return and report.
As the court and the residents of Asgard and Alfheim prepare for Jól, Zap reveals to Thor that they are expecting their second child, a girl. The Allfather commences his kingly duties of maintaining and ruling over the Nine Realms. The mystery of Baldr is continually being looked at from every angle to help the probably-God and the royal family itself, as well as bring justice against Loki, whom Baldr blames for imprisoning him in the first place. The God of Light and Joy begins to branch out and become accustomed to life outside of Helheim.
After Jól, the realms return to a state of semi-normalcy. Just after the celebration, though, Loki and Thea (Goddess of Healing) took to Helheim to retrieve the basin of Sigyn for Eva to inspect as a possible scrying object. During their visit, they awakened Surtur and escaped with the aid of Thor and Heimdall. Eva and Nate are studying the basin, as Baldr and Loki await the possible news. During the festivities of the holiday, Eva and Nate expressed their feelings for one another and Zap spoke with Thor about having a relationship with her adviser. Now that all are on board with the situation, they're attempting to navigate the uncharted waters. After his return to Asgard from a visit with his mother, Brayden, Caltrops' son, took ill and developed his mutant/nephalem abilities, which include blood magic and horns on his head. During her visit to Asgard (and Alfheim) for Jól, Rhiannon spoke with Freyr and got deeper into his past and the reasons they were parted, and both expressed their feelings on the topic.

Zap uncovers the secrets of Sigyn's basin, and in the process it shatters. Frigga had been attempting to connect with Eva through their mantle's link to warn her of Sif's imprisonment in the astral plane. After the basin was destroyed, Zap is weakened and spends a week through her pregnancy mostly on bed rest. It is discovered that Loki had helped Frigga hide Baldr in Helheim temporarily to avoid the wrath of Hela and the then-bloodthirsty Odin. She had cast a spell to make the kingdom forget Baldr until it was safe for him to make a return. Loki and Thor, being older and stronger, weren't as endangered as her only natural child. After Hela's banishment, Odin cast a spell to make everyone forget Hela and his bloody reign of war, which in turn dashed the existence of Baldr from the queen's mind as well, being that the spell she cast had been during Hela's time out of imprisonment. Both children of Odin were then forgotten, lost to Helheim. Loki, having been freed of blame, attempts to make amends with Baldr, but instead they come to an uneasy agreement of tolerating one another. Zap goes to Loki after her connection with Frigga breaks, having seen into a window of motherly love through Frigga's eyes, and being shown some of the goodness that had been in Loki during his youth. The two hug and Loki has a bit of hope that he can recover from his past crimes.
During the celebration of the year's end, Sif makes a return with the aid of Heimdall and Minor. Thor and Loki go to her aid on the Bifrost and bring her into the palace of Asgard. She explains that she had gone to speak with Frigga and Odin in Valhalla with the aid of her mother's (a Valkyrie) weapon in order to help prevent Ragnarok. While in Valhalla, Thanos performed 'the snap', and she was erased. Upon the reversal of the snap, Sif no longer had her mother's weapon and was therefore not able to return to Valhalla, placing her in an impossible existence, and caused her to be trapped in the astral plane. There, Sif was attacked and held prisoner by the Shadow King, and tortured to better break down her defenses to allow total inhabitation (a physical body necessary for him to leave the astral plane). During the actual new year celebration, Fjolnir, son of Freyr, approaches Rhia with his list of complaints, and his gruffness wins him a glass of champagne over his head by his sister's hand. She expresses hopes of having a civilized conversation in the future. Freyr and Orrin approach Rhia as she works a few days later and extend an olive branch and an invitation for her to spend some time in the palace on Alfheim, in her own quarters, and get to know her family better - and she accepts.
Upon waking from her post-rescue sleep, Sif learns that Thor is now the Allfather and has a wife and children. Baldr and Loki have also returned to Asgard, she discovers. After several days, she confesses to Thor (as he searches for an artifact to bestow Nate with a godhood) that she is still in love with him, and wishes for him to tell her his feelings for her are gone. He tells her his still loves her, but she can never be his wife, and she leaves the catacombs, unsettled. Soon afterward, Thor brings the artifact (a mask) to show Eva, and also confesses about his conversation with Sif, and that he fears he handled it poorly. Zap tells him she isn't the right person to advise him on the situation and is uncomfortable.
Thor, Loki, Baldr and Eva sit on their dias before Nathaniel in the throne room of Asgard and prepare for his attempted bestowal. Eva's plan to make Nate the king of Helheim and give him the chance to clean the realm up and end the toxic damage to the other realms was well-recieved by the Allfather. Nathaniel survives his trial, returns with a thestral-like creature of his own creation (quickly named 'Major') and is pronounced the God of Darkness by Thor. Loki and Baldr depart, Eva and Nate make love before Thor, and the queen goes into labor. Hours later, Thea helps Zap deliver the first princess of Asgard, Astrid.
Thor gathers the Master Sorcerers (Strange, Wong, Frankie) to meet with him and Nathaniel about a plan to enter Helheim and overtake the realm. Nate invites John Constantine (a necromancer) as well, and the group develops a plan. The sorcerers (Midgardians) leave their bodies protected on Asgard and astral project into Helheim to aid Thor, Loki, and Nathaniel in their endeavor. Gods Sif and Baldr are left in Asgard to save them pain and stress after their prolonged ordeals in treacherous realms. Eva also remains in Asgard to protect her children and hold the throne.
Nathaniel rallies the inhabitants of Helheim while Loki recovers the warriors imprisoned by Hela during Ragnarok. Thor and the four sorcerers take to the battle field, leading various groups of the dead who wish to upend Surtur's reign. Nate takes the throne room and eventually beheads Surtur, emerging from a dark abyss with his mask turned to the crown of the realm of Helheim, evidence that he is now the true king of the land of the dead.