[action | open]
24 March 2011 at 04:57 pm
[A certain thief has been fairly quietly recently... for good reasons, at least in his mind. His first week in Marina had been spent scourging the facility to the best of his abilities, searching for weaknesses in security, exits, entrances, anything he could take advantage of to get out of here. All of this work, of course, required staying up past any decent hour, which meant our little thief had been getting little to no sleep.

And without the slightest bit of progress to show for his work, too.

This afternoon, around dinner time, those in Sector 5 who may be craving ramen can find said thief... passed out with his head resting on the bar, a bowl of steaming noodles on one side of him and an open book on the other. He's shed most of disguise at this point (the jacket, the tie, the hat, the cape), but the rest of it remains, including that pesky monocle (which you won't get him to remove how many times you ask. He looks completely dead to the world as he sleeps, but knowing this guy? He's probably more aware of his surroundings than you might think.

Do you poke the sleeping thief? Steal his ramen? Or his book? Take your pick.]

((Toooo avoid timeline confusion, first tagger can wake him up, while subsequent taggers will just find him awake and chilling at the ramen stand, reading his book :|b))
004: A new home [Action // Open + Closed Action path later]
17 March 2011 at 12:34 pm
[Just as she had said to Lambdadelta the day before, she's out about Sector 4 between late morning to early afternoon, looking for an appropriate residence to make her own.

At this point, she's dressed rather casually, looking about from house to house, in search of that perfect place that she would spend the rest of her extended life in.

Feel free to bump into her during her search~.]

Later... / Closed Action )
Location: Sector 4 Residences, Late morning up till Early Afternoon
[Voice | Closed to any who haven't responded already]
08 March 2011 at 03:16 pm
[Her voice is very clear and steady, though heavily laced with anger.]

Let's cut to the chase.

I know you're here somewhere, Kaguya. And when I find you, I will rip open your stomach and burn every single one of your internal organs to ashes. ♥

[A pause. She continues, less angry but still quite pissed.]

So...anyone know how to get this damned ball and chain off of my leg?
07 March 2011 at 08:17 pm
Oh shit... Oh shit man, this is NOT good!

Oh god damn. Goddammit, Ryoki.. Why did you have to-

[Leo stops and is silent for two or three minutes. Then, he leaps up (as best as he can, restrained) from where he's been sitting down and begins shouting.]


Don't I even get like a trial, or a lawyer, or something!? THIS IS BULLSHIT YOU BASTARDS! You can't just throw me in some weird ass place like this and leave me here!!