04 May 2011 at 11:00 am
Anri Sonohara
Excuse me -

[There's a brief moment where she almost shuts the feed, her nerve dwindling.]

Excuse me...

My name ... My name is Anri Sonohara, and I would like to apologise to anyone who I may have frightened or upset earlier today. Please, don't get the wrong impression. I'm not a violent person and I have no intention of hurting anyone.

[Unless you hurt her or her friends first, but do let's not get caught up in details.]

Th-- thank you for listening.

[Hurriedly closing the feed before her face can go really red.

A few moments later, the feed switches back on.

Um -- could anyone tell me if they've ever met Mikado Ryuugamine or Masaomi Kida? [She isn't sure whether she wants to hear yes or no... But she has to ask.]

((OOC: Filtered from Izaya, sob.))
001: Arrival [voice]
04 May 2011 at 12:34 pm
I understand that something this elaborate cannot possibly be considered a joke... Well then. It doesn't seem like I'll be able to do anything about this situation at the time being, not that I won't try to find out more to see if I can't do anything about this at a later point but I must question the warden of this place about this list of crimes - If I had committed the said crimes, I would know it, wouldn't I?

[have a disgruntled pause, and - is that chains you hear in the background? I think it is!]

In any case, since this seems to be a public broadcast, I suppose I ought to introduce myself: I am Light Yagami, and I come from Tokyo, Japan, a mere small part of the planet Earth.

So. [skepticism is plain in his voice to hear] What sort of worlds do people here come from, then?
[Voice//failed lock to DF | OPEN!]
04 May 2011 at 12:57 pm
Saya Otonashi
[Saya clears her throat, sounding a bit hesitant -- but then a breath, and her voice is as firm as she can make it. She thinks she filtered this to the DF and away from Conrad, but she... doesn't know how to work the thing very well.]

I was wondering if some people would be interested in training with me? I use a katana, but anyone who does hand to hand or other methods would be fine, too. Just... can anyone help me?

Oh -- Mister Kururugi? I should... tell you something. [Like about finding two boys killing each other in the dojo this morning.]

[Private to Jeanne]
...Jeanne? [pause; she hasn't actually thought about what to say...] Are you there?
[Action | Open]
04 May 2011 at 01:11 pm
Conrad Weller
[He wouldn't call it lurking exactly, it's just... waiting, within sight of the dojo, wondering if Saya will show up there with any of the people who offered their help. Diva will want to know her sister is... well.]

[And anyway, do lurkers usually look so peaceful and content? He'd be more than glad to entertain some conversation. After all, it's a lovely day. He passes the time carving at a half-sculpted block of wood with his dagger; a bearbee he'd told Suzaku he'd make Euphemia. It's coming along well enough.]
04 May 2011 at 01:44 pm
Well. Seeing as earlier matters have been... resolved, I suppose, should a proper introduction be in order? [He quirks a brow, smiling harmlessly.] After all - if this is life sentence, it couldn't hurt to know the people around me!

I do love meeting people, after all.

[He pauses briefly before continuing.]

Rather than ask the same questions that have clearly been addressed to other new prisoners, though... why don't we make it more fun? I want to hear about you! Who you are, where you're from! Why you've been brought here! There's little point in holding back, wouldn't you say?

I could use a change of pace after such a busy morning. Anri-chan is quite feisty when the mood strikes! [He laughs. Loudly. Is he mocking Anri a bit? Possibly, but it's hard to tell.]

Oya, oya - I nearly forgot to introduce myself. [No, no he didn't.] I'm Izaya Orihara.

[And with that? Click!]
04 May 2011 at 02:32 pm
[ she's in the education center, plunking around on the piano -- dammit, Marianne -- and trying very hard not to play anything that sounds nice. she has one of the flowers from home tucked into her hair.

during a break in her playing, she turns her communicator on and asks: ]

Can we have pizza for dinner? [ "private" settings? what are those? ]
Location: Day 113 / Education Center / Early Afternoon
[Action | Open]
04 May 2011 at 02:41 pm
Hiling Care
[Hiling enjoys this weather much better than the rain. It seems like a waste not to be outside. She cant' do much in the way of physical activity with a broken arm and her wrist still bandaged, but walking by the beach doesn't require much effort. She heads out to the observation deck since that's a little drier. Perhaps she could be persuaded to share the popcorn she brought to snack on.

But she doesn't stick around for too long, as she has business at Defense Force Headquarters. For once, she's actually thinking about what she is going to say, rather than blurting out the first thing that comes to mind. She wants this to go well.]

((OOC: Run into Hiling at the beach or at HQ, indicating which in the subject. She would love to meet some newbies!))
[voice/action open]
04 May 2011 at 07:13 pm
hum bug
So what's up with the stupid rainbow? It seems reeeeeeeally fucking pointless, as does the new influx of idiots coming in today. Like, the majority of them seem a little soft in the thinkpan, ahahahahahahahah!

[MEANWHILE- someone has discovered the arcade! Vriska is beating all the levels in all the games, all of them! Currently she is playing a shooting game, her hair tied up on the back of her head.]

Take that, grubsucker!
04 May 2011 at 10:25 pm
Uchiha Itachi
[His voice is soft, inquisitive, and free of any expression of pain. That wound this morning may as well have never happened.]

What is in a name? Sounds. Letters. Identity. Reputation. Expectations. Limits.

Would you rather defend your name or your life? [a pause] Provided you had the skills in which to do so.

[He wonders if Sasuke is awake now, listening.]

{OOC: He is hiding away cauterizing licking his wounds in private so Kitty certain people won't find him.}
[audio | action] OPEN
04 May 2011 at 10:30 pm
両儀式 | Ryougi Shiki
[A few rhythmic taps start over the feed-- and once they're done, a terribly bland drawl takes over]

Suffering through lock up, community labor, and "good behavior" [slight emphasis here; she behaved for her, okay] the first time around doesn't net you a pass out of chains on your next shitty stay here? [Promptly ending that is a particularly loud crack-- she's shoved the ball at the end of her restraint off her lap and crashing onto the concrete]

[...After a few beats, muffled] This is bullshit.

[She's at the ever popular hang-out spot, aka the park; stretched out and lazing on one of the low, waist height walls if you want-- or happen!-- to run across her. She's not going anywhere with that around her foot, after all]