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15 February 2011 at 01:10 am
Inoue Orihime
[here is an Orihime! she is in a hospital bed and has a bandage wrapped around her head; her arm is in a sling and she's kind of pale, her hair hanging loose. lost]

Where... Where am I? Does anyone know who I am...?

[--ehe, awkward smile]

Just kidding... I always wanted to get amnesia after a head wound like they do on TV... But I guess I didn't this time either.

Um-- I'm sorry if I worried anyone yesterday when I didn't get home! Toushirou-kun, Kuchiki-san, I hope you were able to find the house okay... If not, I'll definitely make sure you get there tonight.

I just woke up and heard that I missed the whole day. So I didn't really prepare anything for the sewing club meeting. Can anyone from the sewing club take care of that so everyone can still go?

Let's see... Oh! And I was in the shelter, I think, so -- thank you, whoever brought me here! [ducks her head in a little bowww]

[clicks the video off! but she will clearly be in this hospital room for any visitors~]
15 February 2011 at 10:48 am
Hikaru Hitachiin
Hey, did you miss me?

[Why, yes, he's talking to you all, everyone. Even people he doesn't even know! What do you mean he's looking for an ego boost???

He runs a hand through his hair, sighing.]

I've been out of it for a while, but I'm back now.

I know of some things... [Because of Kaoru? Because he was stalking every once in a while? He'll never tell!] Beyond that, I think today is an out day. This kind of treatment gets terribly boring. I don't know how I managed these last couple days without going out.
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15 February 2011 at 12:16 pm
Ryoji Mochizuki

[The feed flicks on and here's a happy face of a happy boy! He's a little... confused about this, but he did say he'd do it and what's the harm.]

Heiwajima-san? Yeah, I was told to tell you that your brother was last seen in Sector 1. [Glance down briefly.] Sorry. Kasuka. Kasuka was last seen in Sector 1. Got that?


[Guess who's leaning like a boss outside the cinema doors. He's finally acquired a jacket, but it's unbuttoned and the sleeves are rolled up.

That's good enough, right?]
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15 February 2011 at 01:48 pm
[Curtain up Video on a rather nervous Nakama, her cheeks flaming red and her eyes glancing around a little before directing forward. After a long pause, she squares her shoulders and suddenly seems much more pulled together, even speaking with some amount of authority.]

Hi everyone... I just wanted to let you know that there's gonna be a sewing club meeting today in the school's craft room. I brought some basic fabrics and a few patterns, but you can find more at the store if you want. Anyone is welcome to come.

I'm, um... [Glancing down at her hands for a moment, but once again pulling herself together.] ...well, I've never even been to a club meeting, never mind run one, so I hope you'll be patient with me. Orihime will be back in charge as soon as she's better.

So I guess I'll see some of you soon! And, uh, you can ask me questions here if you want. I'll do my best to answer.

[Another pause, while she tries to think of anything she might have missed, and then the feed cuts out.]

((ooc: Like she said, anyone's free to come! She'll be running the meeting for the better part of the day, since she'll want to fit in new people between their chores, so you can specify what time of day if you like. Threadjacks encouraged!))
[Video/Open -- Action/Closed | Sector 4 Gardens]
15 February 2011 at 02:23 pm
Ken Hidaka
[Action/Closed to Alucard | Gardens | A few hours before the morning announcement]

[Despite the closed environment, preventive measures are needed for critter control. A section of the park with delicate flower beds and bushes are roped off, allowing Ken to spray pesticide. Good thing it has to be done at the rarer hours of the day so the fumes will not affect too many people.

Then again, he had not been able to sleep properly, what with what transpired the night before.

A solo tree was part of the enclosure however, and little did he know he was not alone...]


[Video/Open | Park | Daytime]

[Guess who seems glad to be assigned to gardening (again) today? Lightly humming a random tune as he went along, taking out surprise weeds, and getting a feel of the soil through his fingers. He had a notepad with him though...]

Say -- you guys know how long we have 'til spring?

And while we're at it -- any flowers or plants in particular you'd like to see in the gardens?

(( OOC: Ken's second & last day of being restrained! Thread with Alucard's closed, but those who still have their restraints on and are assigned to garden duty can also make their own threads here! :D ))
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15 February 2011 at 04:05 pm
[After all the excitement of yesterday, the dome seemed pretty mellow today. Not that he'd done much yesterday, apart from talking to some people. Hearing the uproar about the girl wanting to kill all the Japanese inmates had been interesting though. Despite being in prison, people were still so committed to their ideals, huh?]

[No matter. For today, he was content with just taking it easy. He had enough fun playing with the two Kamuis the other day. Plus, there was a very important matter that needed to be addressed with the dome.]

Does this place have anywhere good to get ice cream? The food choices here seem very limited.

[At least compared to what Tokyo was in its prime. Of course, that was before everything flooded. He pauses for a moment, looking thoughtful.]

If anyone does know of a place, would you like to go together?

((OOC: Your dreams come true, the chance to go on an ice cream date with Fuuma! Action is for if your character decides to meet up with him, but just talking is cool too. Feel free to throw anyone and everyone at him.))
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15 February 2011 at 06:15 pm
Euphemia li Britannia
[Euphie awakes slowly, feeling a strange sluggishness in her body. She blinks once. Twice. The room gradually comes into focus, but she doesn't recognize it.

It takes a few minutes to clear her head enough to even be alarmed by this fact. Once it does click in she sits up abruptly, giving her a bit of a head rush. Eyes closed, she brings a hand up to her head. Her body feels sore in places as she turns herself to look the other way.

She registers two things quickly—she's in a cell of some kind and her brother is on the other side.]


Chord 006: [Action, Very Open!]
15 February 2011 at 06:48 pm
[So guess who's passed out on a sofa after running off to grab her guitar the moment she heard the announcement~ That's some serious de jevu here, isn't it? It's just about exactly the same thing that happened the last time she was here, and asked for her guitar... except this time the one who had awoken her from her sleep the last time... isn't in Marina anymore. No matter! New friends can always be made~

ANYWAY. There she is, hugging a large odd-shaped bag, fast asleep upon a sofa. Poke her, someone? :>]
Location: Sector 0 - Shelter: Early up till late morning.
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15 February 2011 at 08:33 pm
[An angled shot of fiery red hair is what meets the feed when the transmission initially begins, followed by a pair of coppery eyes that bear a calm, though briefly pensive look. The image then pans out to contain his face & torso, his attire quite formal. He pauses to glance toward something (someone) off-screen, before turning his attention to the camera again.

Eyes closed a moment, he lets out a breath before finally addressing anyone who happens to be viewing the transmission.]

The provided information has been helpful, so we appreciate the efforts. However, I - we'd - really be grateful toward anyone who can further explain to us anything about this whole situation, and especially anything in particular that we should be aware of.

Thank you in adva--

[A female voice interrupts before he can finish.]

Is that all you have to say to whoever is out there? We're in a prison that has a brochure.

[The brochure in question flies at Akatsuki's head, because anything with a tacky brochure is bad. Obviously.]

[As if he's used to this type of behavior (because, well, he is), Akatsuki just sighs again.]

Whoever is out there is more or less in the same situation as we are, Ruka. Only they've been here longer. At the very least I'm sure we'll learn something that we haven't already read or heard.

[She sighs, still off-screen, and crosses her arms.]

... It doesn't mean I have to like it. Are you done?

I am.

[He never said she did. Focuses on the communicator again.]

Anyway, thank you in advance for any information.

[A light nod, and the feed ends.]

[ooc: hey, mods, a tag for Ruka Souen is needed. ty!]
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15 February 2011 at 10:00 pm
Subaru Nakajima
[ Subaru is in Sector 6, having found a nice spot to train in. It's not impossible without a partner or simulated enemies, but she's giving it her best! Dressed in shorts, a tank top, and wearing footpads and padded gloves, Subaru is practicing all manner of combat maneuvers. Swift punches, high kicks, low sweeps, and the occasional wall-jump.

...it's not like she's showing off -- she just likes to improvise!

As time goes on, she starts to move faster, to test the limits of her body. It's something to do to clear her head while she tries to come up with ways to test her magic that don't involve attempting to blow a hole in the dome (not that she hasn't considered it...)

Eventually, though, she needs to break for a drink of water. ] Whew.