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22 September 2010 at 12:40 am
Winry Rockbell
A bright world )

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[The following texts come across the communicator network with no identifier of the sender.]

W  re  m I?

D   th    ust ha  en?

  at  s th   pla e?

[After a pause, more characters appear.]

Hell ? Is an  ne he  ?

M . Hug  s? La  s? A ?


((OOC: In order to keep the action to one thread, finding her is open to Duo and anyone he calls to help (such as Ed).

More details on her power here.))
Location: Sector 2 - Near the Computer Labs / Late Morning
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22 September 2010 at 01:03 am
Nunnally vi Britannia
[After a very uncomfortable (to say the very least) night, Nunnally has been hiding in her room for most of the morning. The pain faded a little while after she would normally wake up, but the discomfort persisted until very recently. Despite that, the wings are beautiful, and they respond just like an arm or a leg. After years of longing to fly, Nunnally can't help but wonder if they actually work...]

[There's only one way to find out, right? So she's made her way very awkwardly into the front yard, wrapped in a thick blanket to try to hide her wings. Nunnally doesn't want her housemates to be disappointed if this fails, but if it works, they should be the first to know.]

[It's tiring work, but Nunnally is determined to make the best of this.]

((ooc: feel free to come across her actually flying (not very far, just up to the tree or roof for now) or just trying to get a feel for how her wings move))
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Location: Sector Four
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22 September 2010 at 02:37 am
[Al does not care that he is still a little sick with a cold. As soon as Acumen says that the playground is done in the morning announcements, he is going out to inspect it.

There is a tire swing.

It's not long before Al's swinging back and forth, letting out a whoop and having the time of his life, all smiles.]

Guys, guys, come play! This is awesome!
22 September 2010 at 02:44 am
Um... Brother? Edward? Alphonse? Are any of you having any problems with your alchemy?
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22 September 2010 at 06:33 am
Maya Fey
[The camera turns on and shakes a bit facing a small stereo. A hand reaches down and presses a button and music starts to play. The camera is quickly set down, showing the wall of the Training Hall for a moment until a figure steps out onto the mats and faces the camera.

She's slightly off-center, but the camera still shows all of her, including the long broom she's holding with one hand. However, Maya is a little different from usual. It's not her clothes - she's wearing her usual spirit medium's outfit. Rather, her skin has taken on a silvery-sheen. It's not just her face either: her exposed arms and legs have the same appearance.]

[Maya faces the camera and speaks in a dramatic tone:]

The darkness may encroach on this town...but there's still a hope left!

[She unfolds the paper fan with her left hand with a dramatic arm gesture.]

Don't fear, residents!

Ma.Yo.I. will defend this town from their evil attacks!

[Maya swings the broom around wildly for a short moment, since she's holding it at the very end of the broomstick. She quickly gains more control over it once she drops the paper fan and helps with her left hand too. It swings down to the mat bristles first.] Hai-ya!

((OOC: Details on her power here))
Location: Sector 6 - Training Hall / High Noon
[Video || Locked to CB & Backdated to Morning]
22 September 2010 at 11:44 am
[Video - Backdated to Early Morning and Locked to all Meisters (And whoever is peaking over their shoulders)]

[Any Meisters who get this will be seeing something quite strange. It.. might be a Setsuna. That's what the ID will say on the video. It's hard to tell, all covered up in white and blue-purple armor that looks eerily like a Gundam. The background is the beach, but it's rapidly moving away from that and the clunk of metal can be heard against concrete now as the figure moves, meaning the video shakes a bit.]

I think something is wrong with me.

[Understatement of the effin' year.]

[ooc: I'm throwing this up before I get into class, so replies won't be for awhile! But if I didn't do it now I'd never do it, so yeah... Will get an open post up later for the rest of ya'll that wanna poke him. Tata <3]
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22 September 2010 at 03:35 pm
Kitty Pryde
[It was quiet at first. Kitty had apparently rolled on her communicator, probably having fallen asleep with it on, and it was turned on when she rolled on it. She mumbled a little, sounding something like 'headache'... and then there was a loud thump. She moaned a little, moved around to get up, then... GASP!!]

Oh... [whiny] This is totally bad!
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22 September 2010 at 04:34 pm
[The headache he woke up with was attributed to the commotion that had been plaguing the network all morning. He could care less about some explosion that happened in sector two, and the panic of other people in the dome. Not his problem. Apart from the headache - which was kind of usual in itself - he felt fine. Unlike some of the other inmates, Fuuma hadn't physically changed, so whatever was going around must have just passed him up. That had been his thought, anyways, when he left his apartment building in sector five.]

[Only when he tried to teleport across the dome, it hadn't worked. Strange. He'd never had any problems with it before. One last attempt had produced something... unexpected.]

[Even people who aren't in the immediate area can probably hear the unearthly ringing noise - a high pitched "kyiiiiiiiii" sound - echoing across the dome. Anyone with some kind of powers looking in the direction of sector five might be able to see some kind of barrier set up, about thirty feet across in all directions. Fuuma just stares. It isn't a proper kekkai, that much he can tell, but still. This is some kind of joke, right? He's a Dragon of Earth. And he certainly doesn't have the will to protect the Earth. His voice is rather deadpan when he speaks.]

... Hysterical.

((OOC: Just to piss him off, Fuuma lost his ability to teleport and hear wishes, and got a kekkai-ish thing to replace them. It isn't putting the enclosed space into a different dimension, and doesn't auto-kick people out like a normal kekkai. Since raising it was an accident, anyone in the area got locked in with him, though it won't be for more than a few minutes. Anyone outside the barrier won't be able to get in - it's like a solid wall. Feel free to be stuck inside with Fuuma, or outside and wait for the barrier to drop to come bug him. Just lemme know which!))
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22 September 2010 at 08:23 pm
Okami Amaterasu

This is unusual.

[Sparkly Ammy is sparkly. She is lying under her tree and amused at how her true form is showing. Normally it takes people believing in her to show this off. She wonders what triggered the change]
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22 September 2010 at 10:34 pm
Revive Revival
[This is probably one of the strangest days Revive has ever had. It's not normal that he wakes up looking more like a canine than an Innovade. But he had... ears, tail, and it seemed like all of his senses were heightened. He had been hoping to step out of the shelter for a few minutes, trying to hide his new "features" as much as possible with an oversized hooded sweatshirt. The tail and the ears were quite annoying...

The heightened senses might have been good, except... he has a prey drive. Hence why he is chasing a green haro through Marina, somewhere between on two legs and all fours. You can't blame him; it looks like a ball. Don't worry about the haro. It obviously thinks this is a game, which apparently it is. Anyone care to encounter the dog-boy Innovator?]

[ooc: Lucky Revive has woken to find himself part-Weimaraner.]
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22 September 2010 at 11:29 pm
Fay D. Flourite
[Tanabata last night left Fai feeling a little bruised on the inside, and he didn't fall asleep until early morning. It meant he slept through Acumen's announcement regarding the explosion and the subsequent occurrences, and didn't notice his body's gradual change towards a smaller, younger look until he'd blearily talked to Red earlier.

The whole thing was a bit of a shock, to say the least. He'd felt a little bit better after checking the network and seeing that strange things were happening to everyone else, but the whole ordeal was bringing up rather unpleasant memories from childhood, and so he'd hightailed it to the Butterfly Pavilion in hopes of restoring some semblance of normalcy.

He feels a bit better now, but anyone who stumbles across - and recognizes - him will notice the smiles on his face as a bit more forced than usual.]

((OOC: Temporary +1 to Marina's kid population. If anyone's ever wanted to talk to moderately-serious Fai, this would probably be a good time to do so. Also, he looks like he's about 10 or so, but he's still got his normal adult mentality.))
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Location: Butterfly Pavilion