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[22 Apr 2015|02:11pm]
Could someone make me manips of Eva Marie and Seth Rollins?

And TI and Jessica Szhor?
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[15 Jun 2013|10:31pm]

could someone make me a manip of candice swanepoel and kit harington?
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x-posted in [info]roleplaymanips [08 Oct 2012|03:26am]

i present the good bad and ugly. kat von d preggers )
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[15 Jun 2012|09:19pm]

could someone make me manips for Alessandra Ambrosio and Charlie Hunnam?
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[24 Dec 2011|10:08pm]

Could someone make me a manip of Elisabeth Harnois with Benjamin Burnley, one of Gale Harold with Genevieve Cortese-Padalecki with her being five months pregnant, and possibly a kiss picture of Jensen Ackles and Joanna Krupa, please? I can provide pictures, if you'd like. Thanks. I've tried and they come out horrible.
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[25 Oct 2011|09:34am]

bethany joy galeotti and ryan gosling pretty please?
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[09 Sep 2011|11:32pm]

I'll be taking manip requests on my Tumblr page dedicated to my manips/makings.
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cc'd in [info]roleplaymanips [24 Aug 2011|11:19pm]

Would anyone be willing to make a manip of Josh Duhamel & Minka Kelly?
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[05 Aug 2011|05:54pm]

Could someone make me some pregnancy manips of Naya Rivera? I would really appreciate it.
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[17 Jul 2011|02:55am]

Okay, so a far fetch, but could anyone and I mean ANYONE make a couple Shawn Ashmore and Lea Michele manips for a romatic line? I don't think it's even possible to find them in the same picture. Thank you in advance, and you get cookies, and candy and good stuffs. :)
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[16 Jul 2011|10:25am]

Would anyone be able to make some manips of Mandy Murphy and Charlie Hunnam? I could repay with pregnancy manips? That's all I'm good at, haha.
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[24 Jun 2011|10:03pm]

could i get anyone to make some haley bennett/alex pettyfer manips for me? they'll be for icons, so it doesn't matter if they're small!
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[19 Jun 2011|10:30am]

Looking for manips of Bethany joy galeotti and Channing Tatum. Are there any that exist? Or if not will someone be able to make them? Please and thankyou.
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Lucy Hale? [18 Jun 2011|10:23pm]

Could someone please make me a couple of manips and icons of Lucy Hale with purple hair for an RP? I would really appreciate it.
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[16 May 2011|12:29am]

I'd be forever grateful to the person who'd be willing to make manips of either Rose McGowan or Audrey Hepburn as Catwoman.
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10 Katherine Heigl and 9 Nikki Reed pregnant manips [11 May 2011|08:45am]

Nikki Reed )
Katherine Heigl )
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[24 Apr 2011|09:26am]

Could someone please make me a Justin Timberlake and Eminem manipulation for a romantic line? Pretty please??
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[13 Apr 2011|10:36pm]

I would love it if someone could help me out! I could use some manips of: Shenae Grimes/Mila Kunis (family)
Shenae Grimes/Chace Crawford (family)

I would appreciate this soooo much since I can't seem to wrap my head around doing manips myself.
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[29 Mar 2011|11:36pm]

i was wandering if someone could help me out, pretty please? i've been trying and failing to make an manip of Genevieve Cortese and Tommy Joe Ratliff. if you cant make it romantic, please all close friends like? :D thank you!
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[19 Mar 2011|09:54pm]

I tried and failed so coming to the pros on this one.

Can anyone do a manip of Kat Dennings and Tommy Knight (Sarah Jane Advenutres) as brother and sister and one of Alona Tal and Abigail Breslin as cousins?
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