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October 19th, 2008

Angel Diary??

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I've been reminiscing over my old Demon Diary copies, and wondering if Angel Diary is anything like it? It seems like it'd be the total opposite, and yet sort of the same, by the looks of the cover. (are they done by the same artist?? Have not checked...)

Anyone, what is your thought?

Boy Princess

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Hmmm...caught a glimpse of this one on amazon a while ago while looking up One Thousand and One Nights. Very interesting title...Consequently, ended up reading the entire series shortly after. ^^;;
While this manhwa has many funny/cute moments, there is plenty of angst to go around.

Never before have I thought of lip-biting-angry-kisses-that-result-in-bleeding as "hot", but this manhwa changed my mind. Like most manhwa *I*'ve read, there are plenty things going on in here that make you feel bad. Hahaha, and while the ending was good, it still left me feeling sad. I don't know why. ;_; I highly reccommend this to anyone wanting a good read.

Really twisted stuff and back stabbing going on. XD I would like to see more works done by this artist.

One Thousand and One Nights Vol. 5

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One Thousand and One Nights

Yes! Got volume 5 yesterday! It seemed to take a little break from the central plot, focusing on...a little recovery trip, I suppose it could be called.

But that's not the point. THE point is that I once considered this series border-line BL. Now I *think* I can safely say it's shifting BL. Seriously. Let me make a list: back rub, fondling, kisses, smex....wrestling.

Don't get too excited. Not all of these were between Mr.Sultan and Mr.Bard. =\ Would have been nice, but unfortunately not the case......*cries*

I'm just waiting to find out more about this Fatima. 0-o; That biatch didn't make a single appearance. Hmmmm....

Until December 31st...T^T
Hoping for more Sehara love~

July 7th, 2008

One-Thousand and One Nights Vol. 4

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Woot~ I went out and bought One-Thousand and One Nights today~ Had to go to Waldens Bookstore, because sucky Borders wasn't carrying it.

I don't want to spoil anything for anyone but seriously, the sultan is a FREAK XD There will definitely be plenty of psychological craziness going on, and I can't wait to read Vol. 5! It's going to be published this Septemer, and then Vol. 6 is coming in December.

It seems Yen Press has picked up this project; I hope everything stays on schedule...

(Story by Jeon JinSeok, Art by Han SeungHee)

(Mod Post)

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Welcome to Manhwa District! There are plenty of places where you can go to discuss manga. Here you can post anything you'd like so long as it relates to manhwa, aka korean comics and animations.

My nickname is Spicy, so feel free to just call me that. ^^b I'll be your mod--which means this asylum is very laid back. Any rules made will simply be reminders to have common sense~ I hope to see more people who are interested in manhwa!
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