June 14th, 2010

[info]no_grace in [info]manchester_rpg

Who: Anton Kovács and Davan Matthews
What: Settling in
Where: Arvandor dorm
When: Monday morning
Rating: PG
Status: Complete

Amilyen az adjonisten, olyan a fogadjisten. )
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[info]johanson in [info]manchester_rpg

Who: Marie and Jia Li
What: Hot Day = Ice Cream
When: Late Afternoon
Where: Matilda's Ice Cream Parlour
Warnings: None
Status: Complete

Her hair was tucked back in a ponytail and she hummed while she wiped the tables. )
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[info]eleionomae in [info]manchester_rpg

Who: Britta and Alissa
What: A Date
When: Evening
Where: Britta's Apartment and then?
Warnings: TBA
Status: Incomplete

She was just pulling a dress over her head when she heard the doorbell ring. )
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