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is anyone still here? [04 Sep 2010|07:56pm]

Does anyone have any recommendations for where to purchase affordable brushes? I only really have an eyeshadow brush, an eyeshadow blending brush, and a blush brush that I purchased from e.l.f. I am looking specifically for a foundation brush, a concealer brush, a stippling brush, and perhaps an eyeliner brush that aren't going to cost me an arm and a leg. I am not fond of the e.l.f. brushes, as 2/3 of the ones I purchased have already broken (I don't know what else I expected for $1 brushes) but I can't afford to spend a lot, either.

Any suggestions at all are much appreciated! :)

OH, ALSO! Translucent powders: what is your favorite? (Drug store brands, please.)
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[01 Mar 2010|12:24am]

i'd like to share that, thanks to [info]feel, i got my NYX makeup in the mail, and i am loving it! their foundation and compact powder is some of the best i have ever used in my life. i'd highly recommend it to anyone!
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foundation [24 Jan 2010|03:09pm]

What is everyone's favorite drug store foundation? Liquid, powder, anything. I have combination skin and it's really hard for me to find something that doesn't make me look clumpy.
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[20 Jan 2010|02:06pm]
I just wanted to tell you guys about this really gorgeous woman named Kandee who is a successful makeup artist. She lives in Nevada and works in LA! She has her own youtube channel where she posts a lot of tutorials from costume makeup, celebrity makeup, pin up looks, outfit and accessory ideas, to some more regular things like sharing her favorite recipes. She is really down to earth and sweet; she's not some super rich snob so most of the things she's suggesting, you can afford! She is so cute, I'm sure you'll love her work. :) Here's the link:
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[20 Jan 2010|01:02am]

Welcome to [info]makeuptutorials!

I created the community for MUA's [ makeup artists ], people who just like to do makeup, and people who want to learn how to do makeup! Please feel free to post tutorials, your FOTD's [ face of the day ], any questions you have, or looks you'd like to see/learn how to do.

I also subscribe to a number of MUA's on facebook and youtube so if I find a look I really like or think might be of interest to someone here I'll post it. Feel free to do the same!
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