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2nd March 2005

etteluap8:25am: If you ever rip holes/tears in your jeans, use sand paper to fringe the edges.

Another cute thing to do is sew a piece of material with a nice pattern underneath the tear/hole.

4th January 2005

oceansangel5:28pm: Anyways, I joined this now because my desire to make things out of fabric has come back.

Velveteen is a VERY difficult fabric to work with, so are fabrics that are tuffeta-esque. So, if you are not very good at using fabrics to make things like tops, dresses, other things, don't use those. Even people who have made many things like dresses have difficulty with those fabrics, so be careful. Also sometimes it is helpful when making outfits to remember to do the staystiching around the neck, and the holes, it helps prevent stretching, but it usually tells you that if you follow a pattern.

There is also a simple blanket you can make if you buy some polar fleece fabric. The blankets can cost a lot in the store, and it is more fun to make one yourself, so what you can do is buy the fabric, any size you want, make sure the edges are straight, or if you want make a wavy pattern, and cut a fringe along it. Yay. Simple and easy. I'm trying to figure out how to make the ones that are more expensive and difficult. Does anyone know how to do the stitch that borders the blanket, usually done with yarn? I know that there is a line of stiches done under it, to keep the fabric from pulling and streatching, but what sort of stich is done in yarn? If anyone knows where I could find that, that would be loverly =P

I also like to knit, though I havent in a long time. I also like to make pom-pom birds, where you make your own pompoms out of yarn. They are not the easiest thing to make, and it takes a long time to make the pompom but they are cute. I gave one to my boyfriend Travis some years back. When I find the circles, I'll post the measurements for them and the instructions on how to make them. Though the size really is not too important. It just helps.

And sorry for rambling, I'm hyper..

I also like to bake, things like cookies and candy like things are what I love to make..

1st August 2004

sabrichan11:47pm: If you have old boring clothes, you can give them a new look by sewing patches on them.

I hand-sewed two patches on one of my black shirts, and it now looks very... different. Unique. =D

A translucent cloth in some pretty color, like silver, is good to have around, because you can cut out parts of the shirt or whatever and replace it with slightly see-through material.
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27th July 2004

ex_v7226:09pm: While you're cooking bacon (in a pan, over the stove or whatnot), try sprinkling a small amount of sugar on top. Let it cook / turn a nice brown color over the bacon, and tell me what you think. :]
ex_witchchil475:56pm: Not a recipe...
We just ate dinner and all three kids loved it! I made shepherd's pie with a new twist. (for us) Normally, I brown the turkey burger, saute' some onions or scallions, get a can of corn and mix all that up and top with mashed potatoes.

Tonight I added some sauteed eggplant to the mixture and added a layer of swiss cheese between the meat and the mashies. YUM! I was really suprised the kids didn't balk at the eggplant. It was so good with a little sour cream too. :)
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sabrichan2:31pm: Whenever I've had the stomach flu, and I'm feeling horribly sick, vomiting and stuff, the first thing I'm able to keep down is a few leaves of peppermint.

Peppermint itself (the leaves) has even calmed my upset stomach. You may want to brew it into tea, though, if you're really sick and can't keep down solids. I find it's very good for stress as well.

Of course, for those hopeless people, this is how you make tea from fresh leaves:

-Crush the leaves in a mortar and pestle (or just cut them up or whatever. So long as they start seeping juices).

-Drop them into hot water. Swirl around, and wait until it's of desired strength, indicated by the color.

I find it really helps me. Peppermint is cheap and easy to get at any plant store or farmer's market, and it even grows as a weed in my garden. I find peppermint better than spearmint, but whatever works for you. =)
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ex_witchchil4711:32am: Hi Everyone
I just surfed in and wanted to say this is great idea for an asylum and I joined.

My interest in making things are pretty usual; I like to create, write, paint, sew etc and I am into thrift. I love to cook and experiment with food. I am constnatly saying; "Dinner tonight is a bit of an experiment... let me know what you think." To my extremely amiable crew.

I am 37. I am happily married. I have three sons. I have way more ideas than time, way more enthusiasm than energy. As a mom, I never have enough time for ME. :)

I will post some recipes here soon, as soon as I get time.
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26th July 2004

silver_dragon8:50pm: RECIPERECIPE
Okay, I'm probably going to be the only one for a while who posts recipes here.. and they're not even real recipes! They're more like meals and snacks. But oh well.

ANYWAY. My first recipe is...

Cocoa and Toast
- Milk
- Bread
- NesQuik
- Butter

This is a personal favorite of mine, and it's really easy to make! This is GREAT for cold winter nights, too. ^_^

Anyway, first, you get two pieces of bread, and you put them in the toaster. I like my toast extra light, but you can make it as light/dark/burnt as you want.

In the meantime, pour some milk into a mug and put it in the microwave for two minutes.

While you're waiting for the milk, the toast should pop up. Get some butter/ margarine out (I use country crock ^^;) and butter the toast. Also, if you like to dip stuff, you can cut the toast into three rectangle slices. ^^

After that, the milk should be done. Get some NesQuik out and put about 3-4 spoonfuls into the mug (I like my milk extra chocolatey, so you might want a bit less. ^^;). Stir the chocolate up, take the cocoa and toast to your table/sofa/comuter area/etc, and enjoy! ^^
sabrichan8:08pm: Well. I've just gotten into sewing again. I do a lot of alternative fashion stuff-- like I intend to make my own hot pink fishnet shirts.

Sooo... a few of my little things.

Fishnet shirts are easy as hell to make. Cut a hole in the crotch, not very big-- perhaps an inch across, then pull them on. Your head goes through the hole. Afterwards, cut holes for your hands or fingers at the feet. Yay.

I'm currently trying to spice up an old pair of jeans by sewing many different colors of fabric on.
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